Familia de Iturmendi

an expat family raising a child and constantly moving around the world


  • July 2016 – We meet in China.
  • ​September 2016 – Ana sells her business and leaves China.
  • ​November 2016 – We start our travels in South America.
  • ​January 2017 – We move to Buenos Aires.
  • ​February 2017 – Wait… WE ARE PREGNANT?!
  • ​June 2017 – We move to Czech Republic.
  • ​September 2017 – We get MARRIED!
  • ​October 2017 – Our TEO is born (The next day mama is born).
  • March 2018 – We move to London.
  • ​August 2018 – It is time for a house.
  • ​October 2018 – House shopping isn’t working.
  • November 2018 – Screw it, let’s move to Mexico.

Well, hello!

We are happy to welcome you to our parenting blog. If you are reading this, then you probably reached us out through social media, word of mouth, Google search or from being featured in magazines. We understand that it is very important to know who you are dealing with and what it is all about.  



Parenthood4ever.com is all about first years of babies’ lives, maternity, pregnancy, childbirth and travelling with babies, toddlers and kids.

The blog is separated into three important sections:

  • Explore your baby’s first years from experts’ and personal view; Learn more about maternity, pregnancy and childbirth. Decide what is best for you!

  • An incredible story of an expat family (US!) moving around the world and learning to raise a child as a world citizen facing culture diversity, struggling with some countries’ barriers, learning through experience.

  • All about travelling with babies, toddlers and kids: various destinations, fascinating stories from other parents, travel tips, personal experience and much more. Check out now!

    We know how hard and incredibly fun it is to be a first-time parent. Searching for information and making decisions that should be right for us can sometimes be challenging. That is why, we offer some services we designed that we believe will help each and every parent!

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  • We have thoughtfully selected the products that play an important role in our lives. Some of them we have never thought could be as practical as they are; some of them were hard to find; some of them we found after trying different products before. found after trying different products before.

    We hope you will find something valuable for your own adventures! Our shop contains products from other companies that we love and use! Everything is based around our values of quality over quantity.

  • After living in various countries, we realized how different the world is, especially when it comes to an eternal question “What is right for my baby?” Millions of ideas out there, but how to choose the right one when it is your very first one. There were times when we were going crazy by not knowing what to do, who to believe or where to get support.

    This is why we created FREE printables specially for you containing information on breastfeeding positions, baby massage positions, sleeping routine schedule, first 90-day plan of solids, lists of all products you can give to your baby up to one year categorized by each month, charts to track your baby’s length, height and weight, immunization list, your baby’s progress tracker, checklists to prepare for a baby’s birth, a hospital, a travel, a move to another country, and way much more.

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    Did we lose you yet? You still there? Good, because this one is extremely important!

    Why do we share and why is it important for us?

    As been mentioned above, we have lived in many countries, and we saw how different health care system was in every single place we were. Then we realized there are heaps of interpretations, and only we, parents, know the truth on how to raise our baby. Though sometimes it was hard to confront the system. Besides, there were times when we were going crazy by not knowing what to do, who to believe or where to get support.

    And here it is. We created a Parenthood4ever.com where you can find answers to your most common concerns. We tend to describe and talk about things we have experienced and find very important for other parents to know. We share something the doctor won’t tell on a regular check-up. We build parent community that can support each other whenever you need it. We discuss travelling with babies and share tips that were learned through the parenting process. We also have various experts to speak.

    “Information is the power.” 

    So, we believe that the more you know the better decision comes for you and your baby.  

    We have learned few important things living in quite contradictory cultures and experiencing a huge variety of interpretations on how exactly you should raise your own baby:

    1. There’s no ONE perfect response to anything, but there are common issues to solve;

       2. Pediatricians are for monitoring your baby’s health and its development – the rest is on you;

       3. Talk to other moms and dads – YES!

           They are far more useful source;

       4. Visit children centres and baby meet-ups – YES!

           Let your baby socialize from the very beginning;

       5. Add couple of Facebook moms’ groups – YES!

           There are so many interesting questions popping out daily, and not always your doctor can assist you on those. But other moms can, and they will share their experience in a split second.

    Through the Parenthood4ever.com, we want to show that:

    • Pregnancy is an incredible period of time;
    • Giving birth could be fun and easy;
    • Being a parent is pleasant and incomparable to anything else;
    • Both parents are equally valuable and responsible.

    Parenthood is one of the most common topics in the world, and yet extremely important. That is exactly why we started our blog. We are not a perfect example, but we learn a lot. Now we want to pass all our knowledge and experience to other parents. 

    Share our stories and share yours!

    Let others know too, because information is a power.

    Read our story “Life with Teo” here.

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    Born Latvian, ethnically Russian.

    Lived in China for 7 years where received her MA in Teaching Chinese to Foreigners and owned an international trading company.

    Lived in five countries within first two years.

    Speaks five languages.

    Can’t live without writing, travelling and working.

    Life statements:

    • Lower your expectations to zero and get constantly surprised. 
    • Don’t let someone who has done nothing tell you how to do anything. 

    TEO B.

    Born in Czech, but not Czech.

    Ethnically is a super sweet mix of Slavic people, Spaniards, Basque, Italians, Finno-Ugric Magyars, Turkic and Romani.

    ​In his first year of life tried all types of transport and travelled and moved to seven countries.

    ​Speaks three languages so far.

    ​Can’t live without is mom & dad.


    Born Argentinian, ethnically a mix

    of everything like any average Argentinian.

    ​VFX Compositor and photographer.

    ​Lived in four countries within first two years.

    Speaks three languages.

    ​Can’t live without his camera.

    ​Life statement:

    • Enjoy your time now as it can be your last one.