how to avoid long queues to sagrada familia and barcelona's top attractions, skip the line in barcelona
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Skip The Line Barcelona: How to avoid the queues at Sagrada Familia and other top attractions

Spain is one of the most widely visited countries, whereas Barcelona is considered to be one of the most tourist places in the entire Europe. Around 9 million tourists visit Barcelona each year compared to 1.6 million residents. Barcelona is also a much more touristy city than Madrid, therefore, prices for accommodation, tour sights and …

park guell
Destination & countries, Europe, Spain

11 must-see Antoni Gaudi Houses in Barcelona + Map

“I have that ability to feel, to see the space because I am the son of a boilermaker. The boilermaker is a man who makes a volume out of a surface; he sees the space before he begins working.” Antoni Gaudi Antoni Gaudi was a Catalan architect known as the greatest exponent of Catalan Modernism. …

best flamenco show in Barcelona
Destination & countries, Europe, Spain, Travelling with kids

Flamenco Show in Barcelona | Which One to Choose | updated 2024

One hour flamenco show of passionate dancers, singers, and musicians. Their tunes and motives, indeed, will make you emotional. There is a whole team playing gypsy guitars, dancers perform flamenco with castanets and wear incredibly gorgeous dresses. It is a great opportunity for your family and kids to dive in the Flamenco atmosphere and enjoy …

barcelona with kids and without
Destination & countries, Europe, Spain, Travelling with kids

Things To Do In Barcelona With Kids And Without

A complete Barcelona Itinerary Guide from Parenthood4ever Ok, so here I will share the itinerary we have done, including tricks and tips that work well when visiting Barcelona with kids. We have added quite a few other sights to the list that are must-see and that we have explored previously. Finally, check out our special …

things to do in valencia with kids
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Things To Do In Valencia With Kids + Map

Valencia became a very dear city to us. Not only is this one of the top tourist cities in the world in 2023, but it is also a city where we might move next. So, let’s explore all the things to do in Valencia with kids and find out what is so special about it. …

pamukkale turkey with kids
Asia, Destination & countries, Travel with babies, Travelling with kids, Turkey

Things to do in Pamukkale with kids + ancient Hierapolis, Turkey

This time we decided to spend ten beautiful days in one of the all-inclusive Turkish resorts in Marmaris. However, we got quickly bored as we realized we could allocate some time to explore magnificent places nearby. So we decided to travel to Pamukkale and take a cruise to Rhodes in Greece. Frankly speaking, we were …

activity desks for toddlers
Childcare & working from home, Children's Development, Education

Activity Desks For Toddlers and Height Adjustable Kids Desk 2024

Once we all come to the point when our child is ready to have a real toddler’s desk and ergonomic children’s furniture. This is a very important moment for both parents and kids as we move our activities from the floor to a real kids’ desk and chairs. Let’s take a look at the best …

different types of strollers: how to pick a stroller
Buggies & Strollers, Essentials

Different Types Of Strollers: How To Pick A Stroller In 2024

What could be more challenging than choosing your first baby stroller, and how to pick a stroller anyway? Indeed, this market becomes more and more competitive. With so many brands out there, every stroller provides more unique features, offers lightweight, travel, and sports solutions…it is quite overwhelming to choose the right option among all these …

baby carrier for back pain
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Best Baby Slings and Baby Carriers for Back Pain: A Comprehensive Guide

Back pain can be a significant issue for parents, especially when carrying their little ones for prolonged periods. A well-designed baby carrier or sling can make a world of difference. In this article, we delve into the best baby slings and baby carriers for back pain. As the result, we are extremely positive you will …

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