a working mom, lady boss
Childcare & working from home, Education, Stories of My Life

It is hard being a mom working full-time | A story of my life

To be a mom is a miracle, to be a full-time working mom is a decision. Nothing is easy or comes free. It is hard being a mom. But let me tell you that every stage of our lives is extremely exciting because it is full of advantages as well as disadvantages. We just get …

what second childbirth feels like
Babies, Pregnancy & Birth, Stories of My Life

What The Second Childbirth Feels Like | Story of my life

I enjoy being pregnant. I think the pregnancy stage is the most beautiful stage of women’s lives. If I were to choose, I’d choose to be an elephant as they get to grow babies in their wombs for two years. We have only 40 weeks. Except for the last two to three weeks, the rest …

netherlands with kids
Destination & countries, Europe, Netherlands, Travelling with kids

A Road Trip To The Netherlands With Kids For One Weekend

Finally, my dream came true to visit the Tulip World during the long Easter weekend. So, we went on a road trip to the Netherlands with kids. We travelled by car with a 1-year-old and a 6-year-old at the time. Looking ahead, the boys did a brilliant job, especially considering that it was Kai’s first …

park guell
Destination & countries, Europe, Spain

11 must-see Antoni Gaudi Houses in Barcelona + Map

“I have that ability to feel, to see the space because I am the son of a boilermaker. The boilermaker is a man who makes a volume out of a surface; he sees the space before he begins working.” Antoni Gaudi Antoni Gaudi was a Catalan architect known as the greatest exponent of Catalan Modernism. …

baby smart products
Activities & Educational Toys, Babies, Smart Gadgets

SMART Baby Products: From Health to Playtime

In the digital age, parenting has become more efficient and informed thanks to smart baby products. From monitoring your baby’s health to ensuring they have the best playtime experience, technology has got it all covered. In this article, we delve into a selection of innovative products designed to make parenting a bit easier and a …

best baby gadgets for babies and adventure-ready parents
Babies, Essentials, Smart Gadgets

Best Gadgets For Babies in 2024: High-Tech Gear for Modern Parenting

This article delves into the best gadgets for babies and top smart infant and toddler care products, catering to tech-savvy parents who value innovation in their childcare arsenal. These products not only simplify parenting tasks but also bring a futuristic touch to the traditional aspects of child-rearing.

Asia, China, Destination & countries, Travelling with kids

Seven weeks travelling in China (+Hong Kong) with kids | Parenthood4ever

We spent seven weeks travelling through China. When we first started it felt like it was going to take forever.  But actually, it passed really quickly.  We travelled in summer time, which was a bad idea as it was too hot and too busy!  But we still enjoyed it as much as we could and …

lightweight double strollers
Buggies & Strollers, Essentials

2024: The Best Tandem Double Strollers and Lightweight Double Strollers

What is more important than to have absolute comfort as a parent taking care of your children, especially if you have got more than one at a time? Kids’ transportation is one of the main keys to success. In nowadays world, it is important to be flexible, fast, and efficient, and so lightweight double strollers …

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