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It is hard being a mom working full-time | A story of my life

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To be a mom is a miracle, to be a full-time working mom is a decision. Nothing is easy or comes free. It is hard being a mom. But let me tell you that every stage of our lives is extremely exciting because it is full of advantages as well as disadvantages. We just get to find the balance.

Returning to work, becoming a hard-working mother, or starting a new position is huge for every mom. Things are happening, thoughts are constantly running, and doubts and “IFs” are not letting you go. You are not single anymore, you are a busy mom. There is someone to care about more than you care for yourself. So yes, the step is giant for both mom and the baby. Working full-time with a baby is somewhat of a challenge. The best thing about it is that although some fears surround each and every mom, there is still so much excitement coming in. The new change is absolutely beautiful because it offers amazing benefits for a full or part-time working mom and rapid development growth for a child.

The bottom line, it is hard studying, working, and being a mom all at once. It is scary, sometimes confusing, and very challenging. But it is also exciting in a sense that a new job opens doors for you, your independence and freedom; it lets you and your child grow, learn how to take care of oneself, communicate and make friends with others; most importantly, now every time you spend together counts as precious and valuable.

Let’s find out. I am sure there are tons of women who can relate to these indescribable number of emotions and find themselves more confident in taking this incredible step for themselves, their children and so, the family.

But how and what exactly does mom feel during her fateful job interview or the first day of work?

Working mom tips | How To-be-Working mom feels during her first job interview?

Dedicated to all working moms and moms that are about to work.

“Something real big happened to me today.”

We had a good plan. We finished with our routine in the morning and took off to Borough market. The weather has changed unexpectedly from freezing cold windy and quite cloudy days to a warm sunny ones. It was so lovely outside that I decided to take my laptop out and let my baby son sleep in his buggy while writing an article on sightseeing in Prague in one of the coffee shops. This happened on a bus at 9:55 am on the way to the market when the phone rang. It was the recruiter I have spoken to yesterday.
– Hi Ana! How are you?
– Hi! Haha, that will depend on what you are going to tell me.
– Oh, I have actually fantastic news for you.
– Really?
– The guy liked your resume, he wants to see you.
– This is fantastic news indeed. When?
– Today! Let’s say at 5 pm.

My world turned upside down. It was a huge change.

It’s when you have everything planned and all of a sudden nothing matters. I rushed in calls to my childminder, and she said she couldn’t take my child in the afternoon as she already was full. Then I called my husband. We agreed I would bring Teo to his work.

Quickly buying salami at the market, I realized I’ve got no shirt for the interview. All my stuff was in the storage room, as we were renting a room in a shared house for a month before securing both jobs and finding our perfect house to live in. I quickly grabbed a super nice shirt in the shop I found inside the train station. It actually turned out to be a store specializing in suits and shirts. I got it even ironed for me.

We rushed back home and while Teo was taking his nap, I ran the errands. But that huge change wasn’t about me re-planning the day, it was the realization of the fact that interview could have a positive outcome.

My brain split into two parts. No matter how much I wanted this job, I was uncertain I needed to perform well in the interview. “Maybe it would just be better for everyone if I stay home with Teo for a little longer, I can give Chinese classes online and be a stay-at-home mom….”, thoughts wouldn’t leave me.

Low level of confidence and almost 0.1% self-esteem, which I happily developed through being pregnant and taking care of my baby for about two years total, screamed out loud: “You don’t deserve this job.” And only another tiny part of mine whispered: “You can do this.”

We started. My interview lasted three and half hours to the originally planned hour. I messaged my husband that he had to put our baby to sleep. For the first time in 18 months, I wasn’t there for him. Teo went to sleep without being breastfed.

But funny thing, along with the interview the more I was introduced to the process and people, the more excited I was getting, because I knew that stuff, I loved the job, and I knew I was perfect for it.

I got it.
Now I guess I have to understand what it is like to be a full-time working mom.

Working mom struggles | How a full-time working mom feels after her first days of work?

It is hard being a mom, indeed. I have been given three beautiful weeks to get prepared for the job. And we had some challenges to meet. On our to-do list we had to find our perfect house near my work, childcare suitable for our child and located near our house; secure a GP clinic, set up all the utilities, and finally, move in. But the most important task for me was to stay with my child as much as I could, which I did.

It was the first day at work. All this time I have been doubting if this was a good idea. But I also knew that my son and I were so ready for it. We have been preparing for it for the last six months. I was still breastfeeding him. The best part of the plan was that it fell on my husband’s responsibility to take our toddler to the nursery.

It seemed like everything was in the right place. And I knew I would be missing him so much throughout the day.

But no.

If you ask me what has changed after the first day of being a working mom, my answer would be very simple: “Nothing”.

I remember I came home, and my husband asked me: “So?” I looked at him and said: “You were right, I didn’t cry. It felt so natural as if I was doing this job for years”.

I have met new people, I had great laughs, and there were so many new and exciting things to do. Of course, I called the nursery every two hours for the whole week wondering if Teo was feeling well. But other than that, I realized that it was the right thing to do and the right time for it.

Now the best part is coming.

It is not a secret that being parents you don’t know what it is like to sleep in as your day starts at 6 am in the morning 365 days a year. I decided to use this to start my work one hour earlier and so, leave one hour earlier. By 4 pm I was on my way to the nursery and had the luxury to stay with my child until his bedtime at 7:30-8 pm.

This was so nice to come and be that relaxed mom just like our dad is: always chilled prepared to have fun with our child. Now I had to have fun with my baby too! You’d say: “Moms do it all!”

Well, one of the greatest benefits of working mothers, is that tons of chores and other things to do you are committed to throughout the day disappear. With me starting to work, I got to spend even more quality time with my baby because I was counting these precious moments we had together.

No more fights with my husband about who had to change a nappy, give a bath, feed the baby, or go for a walk, because I didn’t mind doing it for two days a week. I didn’t mind doing it all, because I missed my son so much. Every day I used to run from my workplace to see him as early as possible, and then cuddle, cuddle and cuddle. Suddenly, I felt like my husband used to feel all this time – relaxed.

Is it hard being a mom working full-time? Absolutely! But it gives you new opportunities, growth, and happiness that are automatically passed on to your family.

I got more focused. All of a sudden, I gained that superpower (I didn’t have it before) to switch off my brain from something to something else. By 4 pm my work was over and my mom’s life was about to be started. There were three aspects of my life:

  • work
  • family
  • blog combined with a few days at the gym.

Furthermore, as a woman, you discover you have got this other amazing superpower of staying amazingly proactive doing it all in just 24 hours, and the ability to function on an incredibly small amount of sleep.

On Friday night after the first week of work, I caught myself on a thought that I started to laugh for real, I didn’t have fake laughs anymore, I actually understood the jokes, joked, and enjoyed my time at work.

And then lying in bed on Friday night, I couldn’t fall asleep. It was 00:44 am. I opened my eyes wide and thought:

“I have got it all: the job I like, my blog I am so passionate about, the most beautiful creation – my son, my husband who loves me and has the job he loves doing. We have common plans, and goals and mutually agree on most of the things (besides the other thousands we don’t). What else do I miss? I am a happy person.”

To my fellow working moms: I know it is hard being a mom working full-time. But you know what? You are forever amazing! You can move mountains.

22 Funny and True Facts about working moms | A pinch of encouragement

  • Nobody can understand why the coffee machine at work makes you so happy.
  • The hours between 5 am and 8 pm are a frantic sprint every day.
  • You will feel you need to do less housework.
  • But sometimes end up preparing dinner at 6 am.
  • You feel like you are always struggling to keep your head above water. You can’t give 100% to work, and you can’t give 100% to your kids. But there is a moment you figure it out and find the perfect balance.
  • You finish your day job and then rush home to start your other, harder, more demanding job.
  • Sometimes a day at work may feel like vacation because work is generally easier than parenting.
  • Childless co-workers may make your day.
  • You will feel like you are leaving too early, but you will be working late, and no one will know.
  • You’ve become more organized and efficient than you ever imagined. Sometimes you wonder how come it takes so much time for others to perform the same task. You are more disciplined now too.
  • You stay extremely proactive having only 4-6 hours to sleep every day.
  • Weekends won’t feel like weekends.
  • You will miss your baby, but less than you think.
  • Any suspicious cough fears you to death and you try to take all possible precautions to prevent any illnesses.
  • Seeing childcare’s phone number on your phone display fills you with a sense of dread, and makes you frantically scan your schedule for the rest of the day.
  • You have a full understanding that you pay more for childcare than a house rental. And this fact will never let you stop wondering why you haven’t saved so much money before kids. Most likely you would be able to buy a house by now.
  • You try to be happy and calm dropping off your child at the nursery, every time feeling sad and blaming yourself to leave them there. But then you can’t wait to see your little nug running to the childcare, and they will barely acknowledge your arrival asking you to play with their peers a little longer. But you know what?
  • In most cases, walking in those doors seeing your child, and saying “hi” makes it all worth it as they run towards you to give you a big hug and kiss.
  • There are random well-meaning strangers who would add remarks here and there saying they couldn’t have imagined placing their child at the childcare for the whole day, which plants an idea of you being a shitty mom.
  • Putting your child into daycare was the hardest thing you have ever done. Yet, slowly, over time, your child’s teachers have become a crucial and cherished part of your “village.” Your child will learn things they wouldn’t have otherwise and will form attachments with their teachers and peers. Your village will grow, and your child will reap the benefit of having even more people who care greatly about them.
  • Being a parent makes you a better person.
  • You are a good role model setting an incredible example for your daughters and sons.

So, do you find it hard being a mom? Share your comment with us.

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