netherlands with kids

A Road Trip To The Netherlands With Kids For One Weekend

Finally, my dream came true to visit the Tulip World during the long Easter weekend. So, we went on a road trip to the Netherlands with kids. We travelled by car with a 1-year-old and a 6-year-old at the time. Looking ahead, the boys did a brilliant job, especially considering that it was Kai’s first …

park guell

11 must-see Antoni Gaudi Houses in Barcelona + Map

“I have that ability to feel, to see the space because I am the son of a boilermaker. The boilermaker is a man who makes a volume out of a surface; he sees the space before he begins working.” Antoni Gaudi Antoni Gaudi was a Catalan architect known as the greatest exponent of Catalan Modernism. …

how to avoid long queues to sagrada familia and barcelona's top attractions, skip the line in barcelona

Skip The Line Barcelona: How to avoid the queues at Sagrada Familia and other top attractions

Spain is one of the most widely visited countries, whereas Barcelona is considered to be one of the most tourist places in the entire Europe. Around 9 million tourists visit Barcelona each year compared to 1.6 million residents. Barcelona is also a much more touristy city than Madrid, therefore, prices for accommodation, tour sights and …

best flamenco show in Barcelona

Flamenco Show in Barcelona | Which One to Choose | updated 2024

One hour flamenco show of passionate dancers, singers, and musicians. Their tunes and motives, indeed, will make you emotional. There is a whole team playing gypsy guitars, dancers perform flamenco with castanets and wear incredibly gorgeous dresses. It is a great opportunity for your family and kids to dive in the Flamenco atmosphere and enjoy …

barcelona with kids and without

Things To Do In Barcelona With Kids And Without

A complete Barcelona Itinerary Guide from Parenthood4ever Ok, so here I will share the itinerary we have done, including tricks and tips that work well when visiting Barcelona with kids. We have added quite a few other sights to the list that are must-see and that we have explored previously. Finally, check out our special …

visit santa in lapland on a budget

How To Visit Santa in Lapland On A Budget | Lapland With Kids In 2024

When you have got a family with kids, it is all about them, isn’t it? Who doesn’t want to share these magic moments? We invent traditions, we celebrate Christmas and New Year, we make us all believe that magic is around us. But what if we could actually show it to our children? We have …

Places To Visit In Cotswolds With Kids

Places To Visit In Cotswolds With Kids | 2024

If you live in England or you are about to visit the UK, one of the first areas you will be advised to explore is Cotswolds. Indeed, there are tons of places to visit in Cotswolds with kids. Cotswolds district is a massive area (almost 800 m2) that is famous for absolutely gorgeous, unique small …

Christmas in London with kids

Christmas in London with Kids 2024 | Parenthood4ever

London is an absolute paradise filled with fun kids’ activities and shows throughout the year. But it is true to say that you will be amazed by the amount of Christmas events for kids in London. There is a lot going on in summer due to the favorable weather conditions, but there is even more …

Just So Festival - family festivals

Just So Festival – Festivals For Families 2024

When we went to our first camping exploring the beauty of Cornwall, we have heard about amazing festivals for families that are organized in the UK.  We were particularly interested in one of the family camping festivals to understand what they get to offer. Indeed, there are so many festivals in the UK, but did …

barcelona with kids

All you should know before traveling to Barcelona with kids

Spain is one of the most widely visited countries, whereas Barcelona is considered to be one of the most tourist places in the entire Europe. Around 9 million tourists visit Barcelona with kids each year compared to 1.6 million residents. Barcelona is also a much more touristy city than Madrid, therefore, prices for accommodation, tour …

barcelona with kids

More Things To Do In Barcelona With Toddlers | Kids Edition

This is a special kids edition about traveling to Barcelona with toddlers. Please check our previous guidelines for more information on sightseeing and itinerary. Tibidabo Amusement Park and Panoramic Area There are tons of things to do with kids in Barcelona, but one place that you can’t miss is Tibidabo Amusement Park. It is located …

venice with kids

Venice With A Baby | Your perfect weekend

In this article, let us take you to Venice in Italy. And to make your adventure unforgettable, we have prepared some useful tips on traveling to Venice with a baby, things to do in Venice with kids, where to stay in Venice with kids, and much more. Let’s get started! Venice is the capital of …

Best Family Hotels in Gran Canaria & Best Resort in Gran Canaria for Families

Best Family Hotels in Gran Canaria & Best Resort in Gran Canaria for Families| Parenthood4ever

Gran Canaria is one of our favorite resort islands among all Canary Islands. And yes, I am very much convinced that Gran Canaria is one of the most perfect islands for a family vacation. You can surely pick the best resort in Gran Canaria for families that is filled with the best family hotels in …

czech krumlov with a newborn

Things To Do In Cesky Krumlov With Kids | Parenthood4ever

It was our first official trip out of town with a baby, in fact, we visited Cesky Krumlov with kids for the first time. Teo just turned five weeks, and I couldn’t wait any longer to get out of the house traveling. One night, my husband got back home from work and suggested we went …

a weekend in karlovy vary with kids

Things To Do In Karlovy Vary With Kids, Loket Castle And Marianske Lazne | Czech Republic

I have moved to the Czech Republic when I was five months pregnant. This is also when I started to give myself a bit of time to rest and enjoy the freedom from a “9-5” job. I have started yoga classes, hooked up with lots of parents-to-be, finally got to read a book and do …

portugal with kids: lisbon with a baby and toddler

Portugal with kids: Lisbon with a baby and toddler (+Itinerary & Tips)

Portugal is an amazingly beautiful country we have been to in Europe. It was a great decision to visit Lisbon with a baby and toddler during our Christmas and New Year holidays. The weather was nice and warm, and we actually had a chance to avoid crowds making our journey to Portugal with kids unforgettable. …

brecon mountain railway, visit wales with kids

Things To Do In South Wales With Kids | Camping in the Brecon Beacons and Pembrokeshire National Parks

There are tons of things to do in South Wales with kids. It is famous for its nature featuring lots of national parks, mountain ranges, cascades, and stunning beaches. This time we decided to open a camping season travelling to Wales with kids. Our journey included West, South and Mid-Wales. In our seven days out …

sintra with kids

Portugal Family Holidays: Sintra With Kids

The best place to stay in Portugal with kids is Sintra. It is one of the most magical and fantastic places I have ever been to in Europe. After traveling half of the world, I could never imagine that there is such a tiny place in the European continent that would remind me of Asia …

prague with a baby

Prague For Kids | All About Sightseeing In Prague

Prague for kids? Well, if you haven’t been to Eastern Europe yet and have no experience in the Old Towns, Prague will blow your mind, especially traveling to Prague with kids. Prague remains the most popular destination for tourists visiting the Czech Republic. In fact, it is estimated at about 7.9 million tourists, including 6.7 …

things to do in London with a baby

15+ must-see and FREE things to do in London with a baby| Parenthood4ever

Everyone claims London is expensive. I must tell it is partially true, but if we dig deeper, we will realize that some of the things to do in London are actually way cheaper or comes absolutely for free than in most European countries, especially if you visit London with a baby. One of the clear …

a weekend in vienna with a toddler


We just couldn’t resist it. My sister-in-law was visiting us for a month. And it was her first time in Europe, so we decided to do something special. Plus, that day we felt extremely happy as we found an apartment in London – the place we were about to move in three weeks. I always …

Legoland Windsor with kids, best rides and attractions, Deep Sea Adventure

Tips for Legoland Windsor, UK | Weekend in Legoland with toddlers

Once we were invited to visit Legoland Windsor for a birthday party by one of our family friends. We didn’t hesitate for a bit and jumped into researching the deal packages straight away. We have heard a lot about Legoland Windsor rides in the UK and what great fun it was to go to Legoland …

sweden with kids

A full day itinerary: Fun things to do in Stockholm with kids

Although we have spent so many times in Sweden, we never really had some proper time to see Stockholm with kids. Stockholm was more of a ‘passing by’ point for us, but not this time. We have discovered some truly great places and fun things to do in Stockholm. Is Stockholm child-friendly? Stockholm is a …

free things to do in dorset

Free Things To Do In Dorset With Kids or Without

There are an incredible amount of things to do in Dorset and absolutely fantastic places to visit for free. We have prepared a full itinerary for your trip to Dorset with kids and without, where we cover the entire Jurassic coastline starting from the very east and ending up in the west.

best UK beaches for kids

Best UK Beaches for Kids + Map, Tips & Family Holidays

We all know how many stunning beaches there are in the UK, the majority of them are overcrowded too. But what are the really best UK beaches that suit family purposes? Let’s find out where the best UK beaches for kids are, including family facilities, paddling pools, kids’ activities, parking, and family-friendly accommodation.

what to do in Sigulda? A day trip from Riga to Sigulda

What To Do In Sigulda: A Day Trip From Riga To Sigulda

While the majority of Latvian tourists tend to visit only the capital of the city, Riga, mainly due to their time availability, there is another nearby city that one hundred percent deserves your attention. The most beautiful part of it that you can make a day trip from Riga to Sigulda to explore this precious …

day trips from london for families

Day Trips From London For Families | Parenthood4ever

Turned out apart from a huge amount of things to do in London, there is plenty to see outside of it too. I was so impressed by a variety of day trips from London for families that include beaches, national and adventure parks, farms, gorgeous towns, and cities.

Things to do in Cornwall for families

Things To Do In Cornwall For Families | Road Trip Itinerary, Map, Tips & Family Holidays

An ultimate guide and itinerary to visiting Cornwall. Check the list of things to do in Cornwall for families, food and safety tips for kids, family holidays recommendations and much more.

Family Days Out: Best Places to Hike in the UK

Family Days Out: Best Places to Hike in the UK + Map, Tips & Family Holidays

Whether you are exploring the best hiking in England and Scotland with remarkably massive highlands, or rugged coastline and mountainous national parks in Wales, there is clearly a big mix to choose from.

Bournemouth Attractions for Families

Bournemouth Attractions For Families | Parenthood4ever

Here we share with the list of unusual things to do in Bournemouth for families, including popular family attractions in the UK. Whether you are planning on one weekend trip or a week family holiday, your days out with kids in Bournemouth are guaranteed to be an absolute success!

What To Do In Gran Canaria with Kids

What To Do In Gran Canaria: Gran Canaria With Kids + Map| Parenthood4ever

The Canary Islands are famous for their all-year-round sunshine, and warm nice water at any beach you go to.
If you wonder what to do in Gran Canaria, there are lots and lots of activities. It was one of the most fantastic experiences of our travel life.
Find the complete itinerary to Gran Canaria with kids, a list of family-friendly hotels, activities, map and learn what to do in Gran Canaria today!

things to do in Bournemouth with toddlers

Sandy Beaches & Things To Do In Bournemouth With Toddlers | Parenthood4ever

Not only there are tons of things to do in Bournemouth with toddlers, but also there is a huge variety of things to do in Bournemouth for free, including golden sandy beaches, water sports, water parks, go ape wild Bournemouth activities, crazy golf, islands visit, and miraculous hidden gems.

the best canary island to visit

The Best Canary Island To Visit | Parenthood4ever

So, which Canary Island is best for families and which Canary Island is best for couples? The answer is all islands are spectacular to visit with children or without. Every island has something unique to offer and you can always plan your trip the way so you can visit two or three islands at a time with no rush or special preparations.

sweden with kids

7 Reasons to Visit Sweden With Kids + 5 Fabulous Destinations

Sweden is one of our dearest destinations because this is where our great-grandparents live. Plus, we have spent a lot of summer family holidays in Sweden. It is a very neat, culturally strong, and beautiful country that has a lot to show to your kids. Besides, there are quite a lot of reasons to visit …

what to do in gibraltar, gibraltar beaches

What To Do In Gibraltar: Gibraltar Beaches And Sightseeing

Also known as “Gib” or “The Rock”, Gibraltar is quite unique and culturally diverse mixing English, Spanish, and North African ethnic identities. Not as many but there are things to do in Gibraltar. When you come with a young family, it may be a good idea to explore different Gibraltar beaches, enjoy the pool at the hotel, and discover Gibraltar Nature Reserve with a cable car that will bring you to the majority of sightseeing spots and a lot of macaques living in nature which is quite fascinating.

Backpacking around Italy with kids | Parenthood4ever

Planning a family trip to Italy is easy and fun. There is a huge variety of things to do in Italy with kids. Plus, lots of cities are kids-friendly and just meant to be for family holidays. Here is a chronological summary of our Italian backpacking adventure with a toddler from earlier this year, when …

Family beach holidays in Albania | Parenthood4ever

What is Albania like for a holiday? We have discovered that this is one of the most amazing places to travel with your kids. Uncrowded places, stunning coastal views, incredibly beautiful beaches and lots of fun for your children. #tarvellingwithkids#traveltips#albaniaHere is our itinerary. Day 1 Last weekend, we took off on our first little road …

Visiting Malta with kids | Parenthood4ever

Ah, Malta – the most amazing island for a family holiday, packed with fun places to visit regardless of your children’s age! Malta has the best beaches for families, they are all soft-sanded. There are tons of things for kids to do too! Malta is the ultimate family holiday destination with attractions, such as the …

Things to do with Kids in Cala d’Or, Mallorca |Parenthood4ever

There are plenty of things to do in Cala d’Or. It is a suitable place for toddlers too. Let me break it down to few travel tips for you. 1. GO TO THE BEACHES  The beach can keep kids entertained for hours and we always make sure we pack a bucket and spade. If we …

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