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Breastfeeding newborn might not be as easy as it looks. It is a process where both mom and baby have to adjust to new things and lifestyle. Some women experience a shortage of breast milk from the very beginning. In this case, we know how to help you boost milk supply now.

For breastfeeding moms who want to know how to increase milk supply fast, we have prepared a special post where our lactation consultant shares the most practical tips for free.

It is also crucial to understand the importance of breastfeeding to make sure you are taking the right steps.

Seven Easy Steps That Will Help You To Increase Breast Milk Production Today

Trust me, it is worth to evaluate!

Once I have counted how many hours I was actually spending on breastfeeding every day. I re-counted the next day and the day after. The number of hours just stayed the same. It was six hours. SIX!

When my husband used to come from work and ask me what I had been doing the whole day, the answer was: “Breastfeeding”. It seemed like I have been doing nothing when actually there was a lot going on. When my son turned five months, we have moved to live in London. All of a sudden, I could find time for pretty much everything. I wondered why, until I realized that our feeding time narrowed down to ten minutes maximum. In fact, it does make sense as a mom can lose up to 300 calories a day just breastfeeding baby. Also, around six months is a good time for a woman to physically recover.

Well, because of not paying attention at all to this subject before having a baby, I got to face few real challenges. Just before getting pregnant I ran a trading company in China. I have traveled three to seven times a month, I stayed up late, and I loved stopping by at parties. I must tell, it does change your world when you are locked in a room breastfeeding and bonding with your baby for hours alone. In my case, I couldn’t even talk to anyone, I needed to focus on how he was latching on every single time and helping him when necessary.

So, I have recalled the funniest (it seems so now!) and craziest things I have done in the first four months of Teo’s life to keep him breastfeeding and avoid formula milk. I am sure some of the women will laugh as it is a reminder of what they have done too, but for some women, it will be a piece of handy information to follow during their breastfeeding journey.

Tips On How To Increase Milk Supply

1. Get your breastfeeding spot

I had a special breastfeeding spot. It was an amazingly comfy IKEA white nursing chair. I used to cover myself with a huge burgundy pregnancy pillow that served for breastfeeding newborn in my case. On the right side, I had a breastfeeding chair with a laptop and my favorite Netflix; on the left side, there was a coffee table with a 500ml glass of water and occasionally some candies. Since my feeds averaged 40 minutes each, I got used to having my food there too. The pillow was so big that there was enough for both, plate and the baby.

2. Keep your breastfeeding spot for nights too

I had reserved this place for nights too. We lived in 40 m2 room, where the bedroom was separated from the kitchen with just one wall with no doors included. Teo always was a good sleeper, at least I thought so. He used to wake up around midnight, 3 to 4 am and 7 to 8 am. Every time I did the same ritual: get up – take Teo out from the cot – go to the nursing chair – cover myself with the pillow – feed – drink water – stop by a bathroom – sleep. Lots of women told me I was crazy, they would just put their baby close to themselves in their beds. Well, it worked for me perfectly well, as I could enjoy spooning with my hubby too.

When a problem started with the milk supply, I was so determined to keep breastfeeding that I think I have done all possible to make it happen.

3. Eat prunes

Eat packs of prunes. True to note that after eating a couple of prunes, you have got high chances to wake up in a pool of breast milk during the night.

4. Drink four to five liters of water

Drink four to five liters of still cool water daily. This is just one magic habit I have never stopped doing ever since. It is exactly what helped to boost milk supply in just a few days time. After a week I noticed I could generate two to four milk flow per feed, which was amazing by itself.

5. Maintain a diet

Maintain your diet by adding products containing fats, such as butter and cheese. Although it is an individual act, as we all know dairies can provoke early baby allergies and dermatitis. So, it is always better to test it first in small quantities or consult a doctor.

6. Weight your baby

I used to weight my baby before and after each feed, then take notes and calculate an approximate amount of milk Teo consumed within 24 hours. That we have been doing for the whole week. And that was the craziest thing by far. We have borrowed weights at the clinic. Some experts would disagree, some would literally ask you to do it. Personally, I would not do that again with my second child, as I think the less stressed you and baby are, the better. However, in my case, we were lucky to do so, as we had proofs we shouldn’t add infant formula at all. Yay! Take a look at this article to find out more how much milk newborns consume.

7. Use baby tracker app

I used to manage Teo’s routine through a phone app that allows you to track newborn feeding, diaper changing and sleeping. There are quite a few on the market to choose and test. Personally I have used this baby tracker. That was fun indeed. Also, that way I started to understand a bit more about my son’s routine, as frankly speaking, there is none in his first few months of life.

Enjoy precious moments with your little one!

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