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7 Reasons to Visit Sweden With Kids + 5 Fabulous Destinations

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Sweden is one of our dearest destinations because this is where our great-grandparents live. Plus, we have spent a lot of summer family holidays in Sweden.

It is a very neat, culturally strong, and beautiful country that has a lot to show to your kids. Besides, there are quite a lot of reasons to visit Sweden and an incredible number of hidden gems that we will be introducing in a minute for you to make the most out of your trip to Sweden with kids.

Is Sweden safe for children?

Sweden is good for families and extremely safe for children. All places we have visited are well-equipped for babies, toddlers, and older kids.

Is English widely spoken in Sweden?

Yes. I can’t say everyone speaks English but anyone who we met on our journey spoke good English. This includes doctors, nurses, pharmacists, shop cashiers, people on the street, waiters – everyone from a young age to elder people. And this could not leave us without being highly impressed.

Did you know…?

In 2017 Sweden ranked 2nd out of 80 countries in the EF English Proficiency Index (EF EPI), which measures the language proficiency of non-native speaking countries.

Is Sweden an expensive place to visit?

Like the whole Scandinavia region, Sweden is quite an expensive place to travel to. It would be great if you had an opportunity to cook meals if you travel for a while in Sweden with kids.

The usual cost of the main course per person is around 180-250Kr ($20-28USD).

But the quality of the food is fantastic!

How to get around Sweden?

Traveling in Sweden with kids is fairly easy. Your best and quickest option is a train; however, long-distance buses are good too. For buses, we usually use the Flixbus service. But trains are twice and sometimes three times faster, so it will save you a lot of time.

Both buses and trains are equipped with toilets and free Wi-Fi service. Buses have foldable trays attached to the back of each front seat. Some seats of the trains offer a table in the middle, which is quite convenient when traveling around Sweden with kids.

7+ Reasons to visit Sweden with kids

There are actually so many reasons to visit Sweden with kids, but we will make it short just to give you a proper taste of this beautiful country. So, what are the best things about Sweden?

Swedish nature

It is free.

What does that even mean? Well, if we think about nature should be free, it is one of the most important parts of our lives. Swedish people believe that exploring nature should be free if you do not destroy or disturb it. In Swedish, it is called “Allemansrätten”(the freedom to roam). Allemansrättenis a Swedish law that gives everyone the right of access when walking, kayaking, sitting on a rock, or camping. It allows everyone the unique opportunity to move freely in nature.

So, you are allowed to go hiking, wander in the forests admiring real wildlife, and/or pick berries and mushrooms as you please. While in the countryside, you’re likely to spot a moose, wolf, or even a lynx. You are also allowed to pitch your own tent wherever you wish free of charge for only a couple of days. However, you have to make sure you are not on somebody else’s property, nor do you disturb other people and most importantly, nature.

Fancy seeing Northern Light? It is very possible. Skiing or snowboarding? There are outstanding mountains to fulfill your needs. Swimming in one of the lakes out of 100.000? Go for it!

Sweden is absolutely gorgeous, but unlike other Scandinavian countries, it is not as commercial, so fewer people know about all those amazing hidden gems.

Read More about Northern Lights in Lapland: How To Visit Santa in Lapland On A Budget

Quality of life

Swedish people like their home. They are quite reserved, calm, and extremely neat. If you litter or throw big parties, it will be noted by neighbors immediately and reported to a community supervisor.

All the cities and towns are stunningly clean. It is such a pleasure to shop in Sweden with kids because there is simply a huge variety of clothes and accessories. All in all, quality speaks for itself.

Swedish food

And again, Scandinavia is not cheap, but the quality speaks for itself. Out of curiosity, get into a supermarket and you will find a variety of absolutely gorgeous-looking fish, meat and seafood products. I was stunned especially by the fish.

Restaurants are filled with choices. My favorite is that every place serves soups and salmon. Portions are big and filly. Most importantly, there is a variety of super delicious kids’ meals, and they are not limited to pizza, pasta Bolognese, or chicken nuggets. These are actually proper dishes, including a choice of potatoes, fish, soups, roasted chicken, etc.

You may also experience their afternoon tea called “Fika”. This is a great way of gathering with friends and sharing a few laughs together.


You have probably heard about the Finnish sauna. Well, the Swedish sauna is not inferior in quality.

Did you know that every community has its own laundry room, sauna, and separate accommodation room for relatives, sort of Airbnb for family members that paid a visit?

Swedish people love their sauna.

English in Sweden

When we visited Sweden with kids, everyone we talked to spoke English. Even our 89-year-old great-grandfather spoke good English. In fact, only Finland is better at English as a second language, and that means you’ll have no trouble getting around.


Although Swedish people may be reserved, they are extremely friendly and great with kids. So, traveling to Sweden with kids is so easy and relaxing. Everyone is helpful and smiley.

Sweden is super child-friendly

Everything has been carefully thought of kids. Every place you go is very well-equipped for children’s needs. In addition, what surprised me a lot is that Swedish museums are thought the way kids are not bored but parents can actually have time to enjoy the exhibition. Every museum has something unique and entertaining for children.

The best cities and places you should visit in Sweden with kids


Stockholm is the capital of Sweden, and one of the most popular access points. It has everything to offer for a family getaway. Besides, there is an abundance of children’s attractions and sights filled with museums and cultural-based activities. It was great to know that Sweden preserves its heritage and as a traveler, you are able to learn more about Sweden as a whole.

In addition, Stockholm is a city built on 14 islands, connected by 57 bridges over Lake Malaren and the Baltic Sea. You will have so much fun wandering around.

Try to explore some nature by traveling to the Stockholm Archipelago which consists of 30.000 tiny islands, rocks, and skerries. It is located 80 km east of the Baltic Sea from the city. The best thing about it is that you can be independent in exploring this fantastic phenomenon. You can arrange a ferry service departing from central Stockholm multiple times a day.

Don’t forget that Stockholm is extremely famous for its metro architecture.

They say that Stockholm’s Metro Art is the “World’s Longest Art Gallery”. There are more than 100 stations on the Stockholm Metro and about 90 of these have intricate art displays.

Museums, the city’s Old Town, numerous sights and attractions, promenades, absolutely delicious food, shopping – save some time for Stockholm!

We have made a short video introduction to one of the most unique children’s museums, Junibacken.


Gothenburg is the second famous destination when traveling in Sweden with kids. Once I visited their amusement park as a child, it stayed in my heart forever. Seriously, I haven’t visited the better one yet!

Liseberg is an amusement park that should be visited by every child in this world. It has a huge variety of rides, including attractions for kids of all ages, crazy roller coasters, and incredibly fun water rides. Our favorite was going round the park on a boat. It is always better to consider a day ticket that includes all the rides, then your children will have unlimited access to fun for the entire day. Two days would work even better.

There is also a range of accommodations right next to the park that is so convenient if you travel in Sweden with kids.

Like in Stockholm, you are free to enjoy the Southern Gothenburg Archipelago if you. Botanical Garden is free of charge. The petting zoo at Slottsskogen is a lot of fun for children too. There is also a great historic area Haga filled with nice cafeterias and an exploring vibe.

Norrköping/ Kolmården Wildlife Park

While Norrkoping doesn’t brag to be a place for tourists that much, it is a very dear city to me as this is where my grandparents live, and this is where we spent a lot of summers enjoying real Swedish nature with cowardly running hares, picking mushrooms and berries and swimming in amazingly clear blue lakes.

Though if you are planning to visit Kolmarden Wildlife Park, it is a great idea to stay in Norrkoping as it is only a half-an-hour drive. This Wildlife Park is the largest zoo in Scandinavia. It is home to countless animal species, thrilling rides, and magical shows. It features free-flying birds and the dolphin show “Hope”.

Also, you must try the Safari Gondola attraction. It is a unique experience when you can admire lions, bears, giraffes, and bears beneath while you are in the treetops.

What can be better to experience Sweden with kids?!


For me personally, Soderkoping is all about magic ice cream, yachts, and dams. It is only a 15-minutes-drive from Norrkoping. Soderkoping is also considered to be a town as it is tiny. The most fun when you travel to Soderkoping Sweden with kids is to observe how yachts are passing through the narrowest channels and waiting for hundreds of dams to let them in and out. It is a very slow process indeed!

The views are stunning! One of our favorite spots is an ice-cream café in front of the channel. The ice cream is another reason why you should visit Soderkoping with kids. In this town, they can make ice cream in any shape, color, or form. Seriously! Ice-cream cafes will offer you a menu with a 20-page list, and we are not talking about some tiny 2-3 scoops of ice cream, this is a giant portion that you would hardly ever finish. These people make a serious ice cream art!

Oh, you’d better visit Soderkoping in summer.


As a kid, this was my least favorite destination. However, Vadstena explains a lot of Swedish history and culture. It is also quite a small place to visit, you don’t need a map to get around. A one-day tour is more than enough.

Vadstena Castle is the main attraction. It was originally built on the water to protect Stockholm. The castle later experienced various rebuilds.

Do you have more exciting destinations or reasons to visit Sweden with kids? Please, share with us in the comments below!

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