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Things To Do In Valencia With Kids + Map

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Valencia became a very dear city to us. Not only is this one of the top tourist cities in the world in 2023, but it is also a city where we might move next. So, let’s explore all the things to do in Valencia with kids and find out what is so special about it.

Is Valencia Spain a good place for families?

You surely can spend an excellent family holiday in Valencia. It is also a great place for families to live, work, or study. First thing that we have noticed is that Valencia is impeccably clean. The city strikes with positive vibes immediately. It is very hot in Valencia too. Secondly, Spanish people are extremely friendly. They would speak and entertain your children a lot. Thirdly, Spanish people are really helpful and supportive. If you run in any trouble, just ask. Finally, there are loads of fun things to do in Valencia with kids.



When is the best time to travel to Valencia with kids?

Valencia is a very hot city. The temperature in summer may reach up to 40°C. Also, it is very humid there. Whilst my husband suffered in the beginning of June, we enjoyed travelling to Valencia in the beginning of May. The sea was still a bit chilly but enough to swim. September – the beginning of August is nice too.


Is Valencia baby friendly?

Valencia is very much baby friendly. The only challenging situation that could happen is that Spanish culture has siestas and very late dinners. You will find out that most of the places get closed during the day. Depending on the area and the place, the siesta usually lasts between 2-2.30 pm and 7 pm. Another downside that may affect your routine is that almost all restaurants open from 8 pm, so you are looking at late dinner. Alternatively, you cook food yourself, and enjoy lunch at public restaurants.

Other than that, the rest of activities listed below should be open throughout the entire day.

How many days is recommended for Valencia?

It is a very small city. There are quite a few must-see attractions, especially if you travel to Valencia with kids, which also require at least a day of sightseeing. We recommend at least four days to enjoy Valencia. You can spend one day visiting the biggest oceanarium in the whole of Europe, L’Oceanogràfic. Another day to enjoy the newly built and absolutely fantastic Bioparc. Plus, get a tram ride to enjoy the beach La Malva-rosa, stroll around the city center, Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, and visit other small activities in Valencia.



Transport in Valencia

There is a variety of transports in Valencia: metro, bus, and tram are the most popular. You are able to get a ticket in one of the metro stations. Be careful, not all stations have ticket machines.

As for the taxi, there is no Uber in Valencia, but an app called Cabify. It is fairly easy to get registered and start using it instantly. If you travel with kids, you may need a car seat. Most of the drivers have booster seats, however, we found only one taxi driver with a car seat, and it was at the airport. Some drivers will refuse the boarding as the fine to drive without car seats in Valencia is quite high. To be on the safe side, we used to call drivers beforehand to warn them that we were traveling with a newborn baby and a child.


Things to do in Valencia with kids

As I mentioned above, there are definitely a few must-see places in Valencia. Let us share our itinerary first. In case you are in Valencia for a short visit, such as 4 to 5 days, this itinerary suits you best.



Bioparc is like a breath of fresh air and a tiny window to Africa. Bioparc has been built recently, this is why it looks new, fresh, stylish and very well-designed! There are no cages, it is a free and vast place for animals to wander. It is also important that some animals are mixed together, for example, rhinoceros are placed together with zebras.

Maps are included in the ticket. There are some cafes and restaurants with children’s playgrounds on your way too. Unfortunately, restaurants can get busy, and food is not as good as we would imagine. As a breastfeeding mom, one thing I struggled a lot with was finding water. In Bioparc, they sell small 0.3L water bottles from vending machines, and they are expensive. It is better if you bring your own water.

Bioparc is a fantastic place to spend a full day with kids. Although it is almost a 10-hectare zoo, the animal selection is just beyond all dreams.

First animals that we saw were two gigantic rhinoceros. They were walking so gracefully, slow, and imposingly. I could stand there for hours staring at them. It is so interesting to observe a herd of elephants together with their babies. They are hidden by a long wooden fence, so it looks like they live in their own world. Near rhinoceros, there is a cave with nocturnal animals, including the tiniest baby moles. We were impressed by lions, gorillas, and hyenas until we reached a tall aquarium with fish, we thought. Just then we saw two massive feet. This was hippopotamus. Never ever have I saw a hippopotamus so close to me opening its gigantic mouth because it was a hot day.

This park will definitely be one of your favourites.


Another fantastic park to visit is L’Oceonografic. It is the largest oceanarium in the whole of Europe!

Here different marine habitats are represented. Again, you will be given a map. If you don’t have a day, then it is recommended to focus first on numbers 14, 15 and 12. These are sharks, belugas, and dolphins. Check shows and various activities timetables at the entrance to plan your day even better.

Once you are finished, enjoy the whole left side of the park to learn more about Mediterranean habitats, a tropical zone, including turtles, seals, sea lions, and crocodiles. Get into an aviary with wonderful birds, visit Antarctic zone filled with penguins, or watch a 4D cinema about the Red Sea.

L’Oceonografic is a perfect place for photography. You can spend hours there watching marine life.

Beaches in Valencia

One of the best things to do in Valencia with kids is visiting a beach. There are many amazing beaches in Valencia. La Malva-rosa is probably the most accessible and, therefore, it may be considered as a tourist destination. It has a long promenade with many restaurants and good-quality food.

There is also a nice beach in Patacona. It is even more kids friendly because it has a playground on the beach.

City of Arts and Sciences (Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias)

There is a lot that you can explore in this area.

Torres de Serranos are two remaining fortified gates of the ancient wall of Valencia. You can climb up for a couple of Euros to view the city. It is not a long or tiring way to go.

The Hemisferic is a great place to relax and watch a movie about dinosaurs or other cool themes. It has a movie theatre with IMAX. The building itself is spectacular to admire from the outside as the entire structure represents the imagery of an eye.

The area of the City of Arts and Sciences is filled with old and sometimes medieval architecture. It is a very beautiful area to wander around. Don’t forget to visit the Central market, Valencia Cathedral and La Lonja de la Seda.

Science Museum (Museu de les Ciències Príncipe Felipe)

If you decide to dedicate a day to the main landmarks of Valencia which are located in the area called the City of Arts and Sciences (Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias), you may also visit a science museum to entertain your kids. Rest assured they will love it as it offers an interactive experience with the most outstanding aspects of the scientific universe. Kids will enjoy different experiments and exhibitions, learn, and have fun at the same time.

If you have more time, then consider the following places and things to do in Valencia with kids.

Turia Gardens

Turia Gardens were built at the end of the 20th century after a devastating flood in 1957. Then the Turia river’s course was diverted leaving a huge tract of land that crosses the city from West to East.

This is where Turia Gardens were created. Nowadays, it is nine kilometres of green space that runs through the city. It is one of the largest urban parks in Spain too.  

There are kiosks, sports pitches, foot paths to stroll around. However, we recommend cycling through Turia with four-wheel bikes. This may be a great experience for kids.

Gulliver Park

If you visit Turia Gardens, you should definitely pay a visit to Gulliver Park.

It is a large playground in the form of Gulliver from the story “Gulliver’s Travels”. This Gulliver is also tied to the floor filled with various slides, ramps, stairs, and swings. It is also a good idea to have a picnic nearby.

Albufera Natural Park

Albufera Natural Park is located 10 km away from the city. It is an urban oasis surrounded by paddy fields and woods. It is the best place for foodies because not only paella was invented here but also it is filled with amazing restaurants with traditional Spanish cuisine. We recommend visiting a town called El Palmar.

Accommodation in Valencia

Accommodation in Valencia appears to be not cheap. However, depending on your budget, we suggest the following options to consider. All of the options below are equipped with an outdoor pool.

Sercotel Sorolla Palace

Sercotel Sorolla Palace offers elegant spacious rooms. Staff is very friendly. There are two indoor and outdoor pools with a hot tub. Breakfasts are really nice in terms of food variety. This hotel is located close to the metro. Plus, it will be convenient to get to both L’Oceonografic and Bioparc that are located on opposite sides.  

Ilunion Valencia 4

This is quite a basic option with spacious well-decorated rooms and an outdoor pool. It is located in Benicalap which is not far away from any landmarks. You Will need to take a metro or taxi to get to the city centre.


If location is preferred over the swimming pool, there is Ilunion Aqua Hotel which has an excellent location and brilliant look. It feels fresh and new. Breakfasts are amazingly delicious too. You can walk to the City of Arts and Sciences. In fact, this design hotel is conveniently set in front of Valencia’s impressive City of Arts and Sciences, and the Oceanographic Park. The 1-star Michelin restaurant on the 9th floor offers panoramic views, as well as some rooms offer panoramic views over Valencia’s City of Arts and Sciences too.

Apartamento dos habitaciones primera línea de playa

If you fancy an apartment, this is the best option. This apartment is located right on the beach offering a private outdoor pool. The entire apartment is impeccably clean with nice touches, such as fresh bottled water and coffee. The host will show you around and help with any queries. There is a lovely café just outside that is perfect for brunch. You will find many restaurants close by too.

This place is highly recommended for families.


Marin Beach Apartments Patacona

This apartment’s location is ideal for a quiet family vacation. It is only 3 minutes to the beach. You can enjoy the outdoor pool in the premises too. All rooms are well equipped and clean.


We hope you have a fantastic stay in Valencia with kids!


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