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Ah, Malta – the most amazing island for a family holiday, packed with fun places to visit regardless of your children’s age! Malta has the best beaches for families, they are all soft-sanded. There are tons of things for kids to do too! Malta is the ultimate family holiday destination with attractions, such as the Popeye Village, Blue Lagoon, and Malta National Aquarium.

Where do I start? We NEEDED a break from the London winter. Our bones were chilled, our faces were wind burnt and we realized that we needed to be on a beach ASAP! We knew little to nothing about Malta. All our research came from YouTube videos and Instagram hashtags. When we saw pictures of Malta, we instantly booked a trip. We usually book AirBnB’s, but we wanted to pamper ourselves and go for a resort where everything was taken care of for us. Plus, it was SUPER cheap once we got there, and from what I understand, it is like this year-round.


We stayed at the Seashells Resort. We are super happy that we made this decision. They had a kiddy pool with a playground, a big slide, an adult pool, a nanny service (yes, we took advantage of this for a date night!), kid activities daily and nightly, and amazing food. The coolest part was that the pool area was across the street. You could obviously cross the street to get there, but who wants to play Frogger with two tiny toddlers daily? Not us. They have an underground tunnel access to the pool area. Oddly enough, you had to pass their giant gift shop that had pool and beach toys. We hid our kids’ eyes and ran past it every time.

They had a few restaurants across the street associated with the resort as well that were accessible via the tunnel. The Cheeky Monkey Gastropub was a great place to have a meal and sample some local adult beverages.

Things to Do

Ok, So Popeye Village was amazing. It is where the movie with Robin Williams was filmed. They kept the entire set and made it an attraction site. They transformed the entire movie set to a living and breathing park. One area on was on Anchor Bay where they had cabanas set up where you could relax and swim in the bay. They have live Popeye shows hourly where he rescues Olive Oyl from Bluto. They have shops, cafes and a museum. The best part was the kid area where they had a playground in the kiddy pool. Our kids LOVED that! When we got them out for snack time, they crashed out so we took full advantage and grabbed some Maltese beer enjoying the scenery. We highly recommend this for a day trip!!!
We visited the town on Valetta, and it was beautiful! We were only there for a short time, but we grabbed some food and Abel suckered me into getting him a Knights Templar toy shield and sword. This was a fortified city and had some roman ruins in it. It was like a step back into time.

We took full advantage of the nanny service and headed to Mdina for the night. Mdina was Malta’s first capital from Antiquity to Medieval times and dated back to the 8th century BC. It was gorgeous at night, so we decided to have a wonderful dinner there!

We decided to take a boat cruise on the Hornblower Boat Cruise. Wow! – is all I can say. This is a family owned company and they welcome families with open arms. They even provided two pack and plays for our kids. We did the Comino, Blue Lagoon and Caves tour. The view while on the way to caves and Blue Lagoon were worth the tour alone. We docked at the Blue Lagoon, and they gave you the option to swim or tour the island for a bit…, or swim and get on a speed boat with “Crazy Tony.” We chose to swim and take the speed boat tour through the caves!
Crazy Tony was amazing! He had “Merry Christmas” tattooed on his lower back. Our kids loved it. Abel raised his hands like he was on a roller coaster! When we got back to the big boat, they got a big slide out that went from the top of the boat to the crystal clear water. We took full advantage of that!
Once we got ready to head to Comino, the kids tuckered out and crashed. So, we had some adult beverages and enjoyed the ride. Once we got to Comino, we had three hours to take a guided tour or do our own thing. We did our own thing and got some ice-cream. We met a man named “Uncle Joey”, who apparently is a legend around Comino. He owns a car service. He offered to take us around to some local spots and a hidden gem of a restaurant in a cliff overlooking the bay. He swooped up Norah and carried her around for us. He was a lovely man! You can find Uncle Joey on the Comino harbor. Oh, and he takes you around in a brand-new BMW. Not bad!

Last but not least, we went to Mellieha Bay. This by far was the highlight of the trip. You pay a few dollars for a lounge chair and umbrella, and you are set! We found two chairs right near this kids area. Also, we were right next to this amazing place called Munchies. They had lounge chair service. So we enjoyed food, beverages and relaxation while our kids played a few feet from us. We were there literally all day and got the sun burn to prove it. This is a must stop!

Enjoy Your Family Getaway!

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