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Beach Essentials For Babies And The Packing List For Toddlers

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In this article, we will talk about beach essentials for babies and provide you with a free digitally interactive packing list for toddlers.

We all love summer, hot weather, and the beach! Obviously, if we don’t have enough of it at the place where we live, we will definitely find it nearby. And the main remaining question always is what to take to the beach.

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Once we have got kids, it is important to be well-prepared for the beach with toddlers, mainly for the following reasons:

  • All those baby essentials for the beach will feel your child comfortable and let them have a lot of fun;
  • You will be actually able to have fun, relax, and have your own time too.

So, what beach essentials for toddlers do we need to start our stress-free holiday?

Note: The goal is to take the only beach essentials for babies that are critical for you to have a stress-free fun time. You should not overload yourself, so please, keep your beach bags light.

We will be listing the beach toddler must-haves first, following additional items that are worth taking if you have got enough space left.

Beach Essentials For Babies And Toddlers

Beach Bag

The first and important item to consider is the beach bag where you actually put all the items for the beach with toddlers.

Beach bags are comfortable in use due to their numerous pockets. However, backpacks are easier to carry around. This is important that your bag is durable, waterproof, mesh, and has zippers for extra safety, tons of pockets, and a large space available for large items.

Beachwear & Beach Swimsuit Set For Toddlers And Kids

But of course, there is nothing more important than getting the right bathing suit for your baby or toddler. Our best recommendation is to cover your child as much as possible in their early years. Getting a long or half-sleeved swimsuit that covers your baby up to the knees is always a good idea. Some of the brands sell sets with the hat included which, generally speaking, comes cheaper. Make sure that you have at least UPF 50+ sun protection.

Beach Hats For Toddlers

If your bathing suit doesn’t include a hat, we have prepared some cute options. Toddlers at the beach are generally active and stay under the sun a lot. Wearing a sun hat is an absolute must for a child. It is also a good way to let your toddler get used to wearing headwear because inevitably helmets will follow.

Our ideal pick is when the beach toddler hat covers the neck too.

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Toddlers’ Water Shoes And Beach Sandals

Some beaches are way too far from being sandy. In the UK, the majority of beaches are filled with pebbles and big rocks. Besides, there can be a lot of hazardous things and species that your child can step on. It is always a good idea to protect their little feet. We recommend choosing closed and breathable water shoes.

We love using the Bigib model with a rubber sole because it suits both beach and pool areas. However, they can slip off easily from your child’s feet.

Anti-Lost Safety Bracelets And Wristbands

One of our personal and most important beach essentials for babies is an anti-lost safety bracelet. It’s nothing to do with what an amazing parent you are, but with overly packed beaches and strong waves. You don’t want to lose your child. It could take as much as two seconds to lose sight of them (and it happened to us once. These were the most horrible 15 minutes in our life!)

Below are the best recommendations. This also can be used on a trip, at festivals, carnivals, or anywhere where you find a lot of crowds.

We have personally used it at festivals and during trips to Morocco and UAE. Markets are extremely overloaded with people there.

Disposable And Reusable Swim Diapers

If you swim often or live near the beach, it is preferable to get a set of reusable swim diapers. Not only you will save some money but help our planet. If we are talking about disposable diapers, we loved the Little Swimmers as they last quite a long time.

I.Play reusable diapers are well-made, high-quality swim pants. They are very soft on the inside and the side snaps are useful for taking the pants off.

Beach Towels

Our favorite type of towel is microfibre that we take everywhere we go, including hiking, camping, and traveling abroad. Microfibre towels are super thin, light, do not take any space, dry up fast, and no sand sticks onto them.

Bagail microfibre towel is extraordinary. It comes in a variety of colors and sizes. Plus, it has a zipper pocket in one of the towel corners to keep your phone or keys safe.

Although it is nice to have a nice gorgeous and warm beach towel if you have got space for it.

Pop-up Beach Tent

Once we got it, we realized how practical pop-up beach tents are. This is practically one of the greatest beach necessities for babies. They protect the family from the wind, you can leave all your valuables in one place, and let your toddler take naps whenever it is necessary.

Beach Picnic Blanket

This is an obvious beach essential. Just remember it should be waterproof, sand-proof, and super large for everyone to fit in.

Beach Toys

Beach toys were one thing we never had, but the truth is these sets are awesome and suitable for any park or garden with sandpits. There is literally everything that your child needs to have a perfect time at the beach.

Eating At The Beach

Beach Sunshade & Beach Tent Canopy

Make yourself comfortable bringing the beach sunshade. This is not only a good way to be protected from the sun but also to spend a great time with friends eating homemade lunches and sharing fruit, veggies, and snacks with kids.

In the beginning, we used a gazebo, but that’s more for camping as it doesn’t have stability on the sand.

Beach Portable Chairs

Believe it or not, beach chairs are quite practical, especially when you are out with kids. It is nice to have chairs when you are eating at the beach. Plus, they are quite useful for camping, hiking, fishing, or sunbathing in your own backyard.

Beach Portable Tables

If you love camping and leisure activities, why not add a portable table to the list? Trust me, if you have got kids, this table will do a job. Make yourself comfortable, take the food out, and enjoy the whole day at the beach with zero stress.

Coolers, Insulated Bags, Thermoses & Storage Bags

Cool drinks can’t survive without the cooler. This item is so important when you go camping too.

We feel that an insulated bag is one of the most important beach essentials for babies. Whenever you go for a picnic or out to the store, the insulated bag can help store your baby’s food at all times. Insulated bags serve us well anywhere we travel.

For hot food and soup lovers, thermoses are the best invention.

Finally, storage bags are great for snacks, fruit, and veggies. We usually get different sizes and use small bags to give to kids during our road trips. Medium and large sizes are great for food to be organized in the cooler or insulated bag.

Protection At The Beach

Safety and protection are number one when we are talking about toddler essentials. Here are the items that we feel are a must-to-have on the beach.

As for the kids’ floats and life jacket vests, we do prefer the second option. We actually knew nothing about how good and worth having the vests were until we went to Gibraltar. Vests are great because they let your child get the right position and they prepare them for actual swimming. If you use floats, your toddler’s legs will be in the water in a vertical position. With the vest, your child inevitably takes the horizontal position which is the right position to be in the water. On top of that, kids in the vest work so hard to swim that when you take the vest off, they are more prepared to push themselves. Honestly, the strength they gain is incredible.

Beach Toys & Accessories

If the water is nice and the waves are mild, inflatable floaties can be fun and relaxing. Another super fun thing to do is to bring water guns. Kids just love gunfights so much!

Finally, among beach gear for toddlers, snorkeling gear and goggles would be a fantastic addition if the location and weather allow it.

Other Beach Items For Your Stress-Free Holiday

Beach Wagons

Kids’ wagons are great and must be included in a packing list for a toddler beach vacation. You can put everything there including all of your children. They are suitable for any road trip and leisure type, such as camping or festival. We have seen lots of people decorating wagons by adding rain covers, color lights, books, toys, sheets, and pillows to make their kids 100% comfortable. Kids’ wagons are great for night-outs but also they can be used to carry the gear.

Portable Kiddie Pool

The reason we like taking the pool is that the water in the UK is generally cold. In fact, for many kids, the pool is a great time to have fun in the water and take the right amount of sun at the same time. These pools can also be used in your backyard, and some of them are perfect for your dog if any. Once we took a plastic sheet to make a DIY pool, we figured out that actual kiddie pools on the market are quite affordable.

Portable Potty & Bentonite Clay

Portable potties can easily be one of the greatest beach necessities for toddlers. First of all, this is a great invention for the ones who potty train their children because these portable potties look like a small version of a toilet and can be used anywhere in the house. Also, it is a fantastic addition if you travel to Fplaces where toilets are hard to find, such as beaches or Asia, for example.

Tip & Trick: Bentonite clay is absolutely great to remove sand from your feet!

Have an incredibly fantastic time at the beach with your family!

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