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Activity Desks For Toddlers and Height Adjustable Kids Desk 2024

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Once we all come to the point when our child is ready to have a real toddler’s desk and ergonomic children’s furniture. This is a very important moment for both parents and kids as we move our activities from the floor to a real kids’ desk and chairs. Let’s take a look at the best activity desks for toddlers and the best height adjustable kids desk.

Why Kids need a children’s office desk?

There are a few important reasons why your child needs a desk and a real study corner.

  • First of all, the children’s desk and chair sets help them build healthy habits and stir up their interest in school.
  • Secondly, your toddler will feel important and grown-up as now he doesn’t need to ask you to use your home office desk. He has his own study room where he can organize things as he wants which gives him a sense of pride and ownership.
  • It builds a healthy posture and a habit of sitting right. It is crucial your child sits in the right position. Activity desks for toddlers and chairs are designed the way it comforts your child and makes his working experience pleasant, would it be painting, making crafts, completing an assignment, or doing research. Your child needs to enjoy the process and be inclined to continue doing it longer than he has to.
  • Height adjustable kid’s desk is one of the greatest inventions as it helps to adjust the height of children’s table to the height of your own child. Besides, it will last you many years.

When a child uses an adult’s desk and chair, he is forced to slouch forward, his legs are up in the air, and most likely he ends up sitting on a pillow to reach the desk. This all leads to great discomfort, posture problems, and fatigue that eventually can cause aches and pains in the shoulder, neck, and back areas too. As the result, your child might not be able to concentrate on a task long enough and won’t be able to be productive.

  • Kids’ desks with storage help to keep all the supplies and toys tidy and neat. It is a certain responsibility for your child too.
  • Having kids’ desks and chairs encourages your child to focus on his homework and enjoy it.
  • No other distractions as if he would have used your desk full of interesting devices and supplies.

Note: Kid’s desk will help you to cope with your child if you work from home and take care of your baby at the same time. Your child can help you with your work too. What if you set up his own desk right next to yours, and let him sort out office supplies? You can think of creative games and exercises that may help you to focus on your work while your child feels proud of working with his parent.

When should you buy your child a desk?

When your child starts to enjoy more advanced toys and games, such as Montessori toys, learning alphabets, building blocks, constructing, playing with dough, painting, reading books, and making various crafts – this is a great time to search for a proper children’s drawing desk and study corner.

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If your child goes to nursery or school, this is another sign when you should think of a proper art desk for a toddler because this is where your children work when at school or childcare. An adjustable kid’s desk is one of the options you may wish to consider if we are talking about the school.

How to choose activity desks for toddlers and kids’ study furniture?

It is important to set a dedicated space for your child’s study purposes. It shouldn’t be too tight or squashed into a corner, so your child feels uncomfortable. In reality, choosing the proper kid’s desk and chair is not any different from choosing your own. The best desk chair for kids is an essential item too. Think about your children’s distance to the computer screen, the position of their wrists as they type, and think about the posture that they will take when they sit in their chair.

If it is a drawing desk for toddlers, ask them what design, style, the colour they prefer as they will spend a great amount at their desk. They also may want to add some of their own drawings or posters around. Your kids are far more likely to feel happy and work better if their desk fits their personality.

These tips may help you when choosing study furniture for your child:

  • Easy access
  • The furniture fits your child’s body
  • The furniture is safe and free from sharp corners and edges
  • Your child feels happy, healthy, and safe when using his desk area
  • Consider buying study furniture with some additional storage space that will help your child to be even more organized and neat
  • Your kid’s desk shall be functional and easy to use

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Best kids’ desks, chairs, and study furniture

UTEX 2-in-1 Kids Multi-Activity Table and 2 Chairs Set with Storage

  • Age: 3+
  • Table dimensions: 25.6″L x 25.6″W x 21″H
  • Chair dimensions: 11″W x 11.8″D x 21″H

This set of toddler’s tables and chairs looks quite contemporary. It offers two different colors, white and espresso, with a variety of colors for storage attached to the backside of the table.

Its unique feature is in the tabletop surface that is made of a double playboard. So, your child can make rafts or have fun building blocks. When construction is over, you can simply flip the top panel to a smooth surface for creative play. The construction panels are compatible with the most major brand’s blocks too. So, this table is perfect for your child to build a healthy habit and have fun at the same time.

After your child has finished the work, he can tidy up the table by placing everything in his two drawers below.

CubicFun 2in1 Kids Table & Easel

  • The table top/easel is 22.8″L x 15.4″W.
  • The height in easel form is 41.3″H, in table form is 20.5″H.
  • The chair is 10” H approximately.
  • The table height fits for other normal toddler chairs.

This easel desk for toddlers has a very interesting design and lots of add-ons.

For an amazing price, it offers a table, chair, easel, and six storage. On top of that, it provides an 83PCS Marble Run Brick Set. All the edges and corners of the set have a round smooth design and add special safety protection.

What I love about this product the most is that it is very compact and saves a lot of space too. Your child can build blocks on a block surface, then flip over and use the smooth surface to make crafts, do homework, read, or paint. He can also paint directly on the table surface, as with a few moves the whole table easily transforms into an easel.

 Another great feature to consider is its ergonomic design and extra safety, including a round smooth edge design and H-shape sturdy wood legs.

Melissa & Doug Child’s Lift-Top Desk & Chair

A very well-known kids’ brand Melissa & Doug provides another ergonomic solution set of a toddler’s table and chair. It comes in three colors: blonde, grey, and white.

What I like the most about this product that it is simple, neat, has plenty of storage inside the table, and serves its direct purpose. Your child will form a great habit that will allow him to get used to the school desk easier.

  • Age: 3 – 8 years
  • Dimensions: 16.15 x 23.6 x 23.25 inches

Delta Children MySize Kids Convertible Activity Bench

Another multi-functional design that may save a lot of space for your toddler’s room. It is a bench that can easily be converted to a bench with a desk. And you have got a lot of storage inside the bench too.

One of the coolest features is that you can make the set in one of the designs of your favorite characters, such as paw patrols, Disney Frozen, Minnie, and Mickey Mouse. Or it can simply come in white or grey colors.

  • Age: 3+
  • Dimensions: 26.5″W x 17.25″D x 22.75″H

Delta Children Kids Table and Chair Set with Storage

Delta has a lot to offer in terms of children’s study furniture and a variety of colors.

If you have got lots of kids at home, this set of two and four chairs is definitely for you. Besides, it offers amazing storage that will fit all your toys in one place and match the colors in your child’s room.

Age: 3+

Set of two chairs:

  • Table: 31.5 x 23.5 x 17.5 inches ( WxDxH);
  • Chairs: 10.5 x 11.5 x 19.5 inches (LxWxH)

Set of four chairs:

  • Table: 24″L x 24″W x 17.72″H
  • Chairs: 10.5″L x 11.5″W x 19.5″H

KidKraft Nantucket Table & 4 Chair Set

KidKraft is a perfectly kid-sized set of a table and four chairs that has an amazing design with gentle curves and wainscoting-style paneling.

Your toddler will enjoy spending time playing, making arts and crafts, and inviting his friends over.

Age: 3 – 8 years

Dimensions: 23.75 x 23.75 x 19.88 inches

Also, it is a part of one set of a large kitchen and 27 pieces cookware set which can make one gorgeous addition to your toddler’s room.

Diroan Height Adjustable Kids’ Desk and Chair Set

Finally, Diroan offers an amazingly functional and height-adjustable kids’ desk and chair set. This desk can adjust to your child’s height and is perfect for the first years of school. Besides, the set provides a tilt desktop, bookstand, LED light, metal hook, and a storage drawer.

It is perfect for girls and boys as it comes in different color options for your child to choose from.

The manufacturer thought through every detail to make your child feel comfortable at the chair dealing with the assignments and creative work. It features a slide-out tray to keep supplies organized, altimeters both on a desk and chair to keep a comfortable distance of sight, cup holder, bookshelf, floodlight, and a paper stopper to prevent paper or pencil from sliding off.


  • Age: 3 – 15
  • Material: iron + plastic + MDF material
  • Desk Size:17.3″ x 23.3″ x 21.3″-30″
  • Desk Height: 21.3″ – 30″
  • Chair Size:15.0″ x 15.0″ x 21.3″-30″
  • Chair Height: 12.6″ – 17.3″
  • Desktop Tilt Range: 0-40°
  • Desktop Dimensions: 26.2″ x 14.3″
  • Lamp Wattage: 1.3W, 3.1w, 6w
  • Lamp Lifespan:> 35000H
  • Input: 100-240v
  • Output: 5v

May your child enjoy his new study furniture!

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