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The best chairs for posture at home and complete office desk | Design your home office

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With the world turning upside down, we have got a new tendency coming – working from home. Inevitably, the best chairs for posture at home and an office desk are must-to-have essentials nowadays.

Whether it is challenging or easy enough to work from home, it is for you to decide. Certainly, there are lots of positive aspects coming into our lives, such as flexibility, the ability to save more money on transport and extremely expensive lunch. But as we all know, every situation is double-edged. It can be also a very challenging time for working from home parents, especially when their kids shall stay at home with them.

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Today we will design your home office furniture, check the available room space and choose the best chairs for posture at home, a home office desk that suits your needs, and incredibly important work-from-home essentials.

Create your home office space

Number one goal is to have your own space where you feel in a bubble with no one interrupting you. The more creative you can be – the better. My husband just recently bought insulation along with a few wood tiles and set up an office from the shed in the garden in just under two days.

Another friend of mine designed a tiny workspace for herself in a walking closet. There are tons of options when you think about it. The bottom line is that you need that time and space during the day when you can focus entirely on work becoming a business parent for a while.

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Design your office with the best chairs for posture at home

As soon as you picked your space, it is time to set it up with a few things. You really don’t need too many things to work from home but trust me, you would prefer to get something nice, comfortable, and that lasts for years.

One common problem is that lots of people think that work from home can be temporary. Of course, it can. Or not. I was thinking this way for the first nine months until I realized that the kitchen chair is ruining my posture and making me exhausted rather than productive. Posture chairs for home solve the majority of your problems.

Ergonomic Gaming Chairs

So, rule number one – get yourself a real ergonomic chair. What is the real one? Being an anti-gaming person, I can state that gaming chairs are the best chairs for posture at home. As much as I was skeptical, I tried it for a week purposely avoiding my lovely kitchen chair. In about a week, my husband had back pain, so he asked me to borrow my best ergonomic home office chair, and then I felt with every cell of my body that we shall get the second gaming chair for my husband too.

Ergonomic gaming chairs made a revolution in the office world. Only the fact that ergonomic scientists used to point out the harmful effects of fixed furniture designs for decades, gaming chairs came to a solution to use back support technologies developed by the race car seat industry. Here comes the answer to why they look so luxuriously fancy.

Office Chair vs. Gaming Chair

Indeed, gaming chairs for an office look absolutely stunning usually coming in black with some beautiful sharp lines in other colors. They use nylon fabric, mesh, or leather which is completely breathable and so nice for your body temperature.

Racing style gaming chairs stand out with high contoured backs and thickly padded seats. But this is one of the best parts for your body, because once I sat there, I didn’t move, nor I thought of folding one of my legs on the chair, constantly searching for the comfortable point for my back. It was all thought for me.

Another amazing feature that these ergonomic office chairs have tons of additional parts that move, such as the seat, armrests, support pillows, and backrest can adjust to meet the needs of every parent. As opposed to traditional office chairs that usually have fixed armrests and a fixed backrest, so you are free to adjust the seat height and engage a rocking function. Whereas gaming chairs come with a backrest recline function which is perfect as it helps the parent to move while sitting in the chair.

GT Racing Ace M1 Gaming Chair

Personally, I chose the GT Racing Ace M1 gaming chair that comes with fully adjustable 4D armrests and is an amazing ergonomic desk chair for women. M1 versions also come with a feature that lets you tilt and lock the seat at angles. To be honest, I loved the one covered in fabric, plus it is more breathable and comfortable. It feels like luxury sofa fabric. On the downside, it is harder to clean, and not completely stainproof. So, my choice fell onto leather that looks absolutely gorgeous and is easier to clean after all.

This chair seriously relieved my back muscles as I used to sit, so I burn less energy, which resulted in feeling extra power to focus more on my job.

ELABEST Office Chair

Another gaming chair alternative is Elabest Office Chair that is purposely made for office and gaming reasons. Its design is very similar to GT Racing providing sharp red lines. Not only it is an ergonomic office chair, but it is also made from leather, which means it is absolutely breathable, water-resistant, and can be cleaned easily from any stains. And if not, there is a zipper on aside.

It looks luxurious and offers 120° tilt function, 360° tilt tension, and adjustable seat height.

Hbada Office Desk Chair

Hbada is well-known in the market of ergonomic chairs. This particular design added a feature of adjustable flip-up armrests which saves you a lot of room space when you off work.

It also offers an adjustable rocking style and a thicker flat seat cushion with an absolutely breathable material. In the end, you have a choice to pick your ergonomic chair color.

Dragonn by Vivo Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

One of the unique designs that helps you to maintain an upright posture while seated is an ergonomic kneeling chair. It does exactly what it says distributing your weight evenly throughout your buttocks and legs. Apart from your back remaining in the upright position, it reduces back pain and strengthens abdominal muscles.

It has the same four wheels as in the regular office chair, so you are able to move and turn as usual, although the great part is that you will be using different muscles in a kneeling chair.

Flash Furniture Office Chair

If none of the options seems good to you and you wish to go rather for a simple design of a commercial-grade, this chair is safe, durable, and offers a high-quality service. It provides you with superb lumbar support and functional flip-up arms too.

You are welcome to choose from twelve different colors.

Pick your home office desk wisely

It is important for me that the desk has a foldable feature, especially if we talk about small home spaces. However, in the end, I ended up getting a nice home office desk with some storage that fits perfectly within the space required. 

Let’s take a look at several options that will be a great fit for any working from home parent.

JSB Folding Computer Desk with Cloth Bag Hook

Dimensions: 35.43” x 17.7” x 29.53” (W/D/H) / 90 cm x 45 cm x 75 cm

Weight: 22 pounds / 10 kg

One of my favorite home office desk options is this folding computer desk. It has an amazing design with a great color selection. Apart from this, it utilizes space by adding a cloth bag hook where you can put all necessary office supplies for daily use. On the other side of the table, you can place three movable metal hooks that create more storage for such things as cables, bags, headsets, etc.

Lastly, it is foldable, so as it arrives you are free from wasting time on assembly. Simply follow the four steps in the instructions and you are set for the day. It is perfect when you don’t have space as you can store it in one of your wardrobes or home storage spaces.

JOISCOPE Home Office Computer Desk

Dimensions: 39.37” x 23.62” x 29.53” / 100 cm x 60 cm x 75 cm

Weight: 35.7 pounds / 16.1 kg

Another my favorite company that makes gorgeous designs and come with a solution for every taste is Joiscope. This table has four different designs depending on what you are searching for, whether you need more drawers or an elevation for your laptop, or nothing at all.

Not to mention they use an amazing color pallet with a black oak finish and wooden storage. No great effort is required to set up this table. The installation can be done by a single person using the instruction that comes with the table. You are free to choose whichever size and even fit there a laptop and additional screen for editing or design purposes.

YJHome Portable Folding Computer Desk Table

Dimensions: 31.5” x 15.75” x 29” / 80 cm x 40 cm x 73.66 cm

Weight: 21.5 pounds / 9.75 kg

Apart from being foldable, this home office desk has one unique feature worth the attention. Its height is adjustable by one to three centimeters according to your actual situation. This is more conducive to use in any environment to prevent uneven ground.

This office desk does not require any assembly and is perfect for small spaces and home offices.

My husband uses this option to place a laptop and a screen for work editing purposes. Plus, he purchased additional plastic two drawers that fit perfectly under the desk.

CubiCubi Computer Desk with Drawer

Dimensions: 47”/ 55”/ 63” / 119 cm x 140 cm x 160 cm

Weight: 33.6 – 37.7 pounds / 15 – 17 kg

This home office desk design is fabulous offering contrasting color design. It comes with an iron hook and a stylish fabric storage drawer beneath the desk. The assembly is quite simple and easy. Plus, it looks so simple and modern that perfectly fits to any house or apartment in need of a space-saving desk.

Home office LED table lamp

One of the essential features to have at your desk is a table lamp. There are tons of options on the market coming in every shape and colour. But my eternally favorite type is a spiral LED table lamp.

Here I will only showcase three types that I love the most. The one I have at my desk now is ELINKUME Dimmable LED Spiral Table Lamp. But the first one is worth checking as it offers several designs in a C-shape and circle. Plus, it has three color temperatures.

Additional important home office items

Finally, you may require some additional work-from-home essentials to sort your work routine, such as

  1. Folder organizer for desk
  2. File folders
  3. And my favorite that I personally can’t live without – a Thermo cup

Enjoy your new home office and work productive very day!

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