advantages of being a working mother
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Advantages of Being a Working Mother

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Another eternal question that raises so many debates in terms of what is best for your child: having a home-stay mom for the first 5 years of his life or a mom who started to work at the age of two? Well, there are certain advantages of being a working mother and a home-stay mom too.

The answer is simple – do what is best for you and your family.

We undergo so many changes and stages during our children’s first years of life. Every situation is purely individual. I guess an important thing to learn is how to balance work and family. Some parents will have to come back to work very early, but they will have their parents to help them; some parents have only themselves but will have a possibility to stay with their child for a bit longer. The understanding of how to work full-time and be a mom comes with practice, and totally worth it.

Our decisions are based on many factors in life and all of them have their pros and cons of working mothers and home-stay moms. In the end, this is how we keep our life so balanced.

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What are the advantages of being a working mother?

According to research by Kathleen McGinn in 2015 at Harvard Business School, one of the greatest benefits of working mothers is that women whose moms worked outside the home are more likely to

  • Have jobs themselves;
  • Hold supervisory responsibility at those jobs;
  • Earn higher wages than women whose mothers were full-time moms staying at home.

Men raised by a hard-working mother are more likely to

  • Contribute to household chores and
  • Spend more time caring for family members.

Logically, our children are our copy. We take our life patterns from our childhood, this is why the first six years of life are crucial for every single child in this world.

To become a full-time working mom does not only benefit you but your child and your partner.

More quality time spent with your baby

Believe it or not, one of the major advantages of working mothers is that you actually start spending quality time with your baby.

The first thing I have noticed after my first month of work is that I spent more time with my son. I am talking about quality time only! While staying close to him side-by-side 24 hours a day 7 days a week for as long as 20 months with no break, I have learned that quality time is all that matters. I instantly felt myself in my husband’s shoes where all I wanted after a long day at work is to play and discover new things with my boy. Life didn’t seem as routine covered in hundreds of daily chores as it was. Besides, I was excited and had the energy to give more to my son. All of a sudden, working mom’s life became so meaningful and exciting.

The bottom line is that working moms spend quality time with their kids to compensate for the amount of time they do not spend together. Kids also look forward to spending time with their parents. They do not take their mother’s attention for granted. Children of stay-at-home mom might get used to their mom’s attention round the clock and fail to acknowledge her efforts.

The majority of chores are done for you

Continuing the previous point, there is major help from the nursery, childminder, or nanny too. Working mothers are not involved in so many chores anymore. They pick up their child clean, rested, fed, and happy.

There are options to pass through the park, stop by a grocery store, or even make a short ride to some activity after a long day of work. The majority of moms feel full of energy to spend quality time with their babies and make it very special. It is not considered as another chore but a very special bonding time. Besides, weekends become the best part of spending family quality time.

Another important thing is that as long as moms start working, lots of house chores are being automatically distributed between two parents so that working mom doesn’t feel as much pressure to cook or clean every day. And this is extremely important for the child to observe because this is exactly the way how he learns good habits and inculcates manners of helping others as well as his mother.

Your child gets more independent and social

It can’t be stressed more than that: your child needs his own social life. In our century, the most important skill is considered to be socializing. Little humans have to make friends, learn how to share and support each other; how interact with their own peers and solve problems – these are all crucial aspects of their development, and the nursery is the one that teaches them. Spending time at home with a mother won’t let your child learn the interaction he needs.

There are 11 important reasons why you should send your child to nursery.

Of course, in some countries, such as the UK, you have got amazing options to visit children’s centers and get involved in numerous free activities with your child to socialize too.

The bottom line is that your child gets his independence and freedom. He is able to make new connections rather than having just you 24/7. He develops new skills, works on projects on his own, and learns to take care of himself. These are all very important things to learn in life.

More quality time spent with your partner

One point that is rarely discussed but yet remains one of the most important factors of keeping family together – is the relationship between you and your partner.

After the first week of work, my husband told me I have changed, which made me feel surprised. It turned out I became more relaxed and was able to talk about different topics rather than only discussing the baby’s daily activities. This is where I realized how important it is to be able to give your time and attention to your partner, which appears to be an option as you become a full-time working mom.

And yet, this is so true to say that work enriches your marriage. It is important and so much fun to share your day with your partner. But it will be so more interesting and intelligent if you discuss other topics rather than changing diapers, nap time, daily activities, and cooking challenges. Sure, kids do say the darndest things, but not enough to keep a couple’s intimacy going. When your husband comes home from work armed with tales of office intrigue, now being a working mom, you have your own stories too. That only brings a spark and energy to your married life.

Find a perfect balance between work and family

If you think that a working mom struggles to find the time for work and family, you are most likely correct. But this is why organizing and structuring the working mom schedule comes in handy.

Regardless of the fact that being a full-time working mom is not as easy because now you need to find out how to balance work and family juggling multiple tasks of being a successful businesswoman, a happy wife, and a full-time mom. This is exactly what makes your life so charming. You have got it all: a perfect child, loving partner, successful career, friends, and hundreds of thousands of goals to achieve.

Succeed in your desired career and pursue your dreams

There are tons of advantages of being a working mother. It is simple as it is: a stay-at-home mom who is unhappy with her life cannot have a positive influence on her kids’ lives. A working mom with some sense of accomplishment and satisfaction can serve as a good role model for her kids. Children can get inspired to pursue their dreams and ambition too.

Besides, moms who effectively manage and balance work and family can instill good work ethics into their kids.

Statistics show that a stay-at-home mom is more likely to suffer from depression, which in turn can take its toll on her child. A child can never really benefit from having a frustrated and depressed mother around him. 

Different communication level

Speaking of communication, a working mom has the luxury to engage with numerous different people on a daily basis and talk about everything. It is not limited to mom’s chats in the park anymore. The working mom’s daily schedule is filled with exciting tasks and activities as you become a professional that is required you to be updated on important topics.

There is an incredible amount of joy and tons of laughs working moms get from just having a quick conversation with their colleague who doesn’t have children just yet. On the other hand, there is a huge amount of support coming from the ones who have children and understand what it is like to balance your life from the beginning.

Taking care of yourself and keeping a part of yourself unique

Some people say that a working mom’s life is so hard because apart from all things they are responsible now for, they also have to make themselves look good. But isn’t making ourselves look good is something that makes us feel good?

Undoubtedly, it takes away from you extra 10 minutes every morning if we are talking about make-up, or 30 to 60 minutes three times a week if we are talking about hitting the gym.

See a full-time working mom’s routine schedule here.

But all these components fill us with more energy, joy, and happiness, not to say they make us way much stronger and healthier too.

Surely, getting outside the house makes every mom dress up, put make-up on, get fit, or join some new activities and overall start taking care of herself and her needs.

Taking a break

There are lots of jokes about the working mom closing the door and leaving all the chaos behind, not too worried about the fact that the caregiver may or may not cope!

The real benefits are that a working mom can be fulfilled and can have a break from family pressures and demanding children. This is one of the working mom hacks that help us survive.

Making new friends and getting adult interaction

Of course, making new friends is inevitable. By default, a working mom slowly gets further from mom’s loop and closer to people with no children or other family couples. The whole new world is opened and this is where all fun begins.

Financial Benefit

Silly not to mention that with both parents working family gets more stable financially and is able to pursue its dreams, travel the world, save money for big purchases and do whatever it wants. Of course, you will need to pay for the nursery which gets quite expensive in some countries (learn the cost of nurseries around London), but the end result is more positive rather than having one breadwinner in the family, and the child also gets the best as parents are able to afford due to a good income level.

Not depending on the partner

A Working mom does not need to depend on her husband’s salary. Although it is considered to be family money for common use, still having your own income brings some difference and a portion of freedom into a woman’s life.

The advantages of being a working mother are limitless! Enjoy! Grow! Balance!

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