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Different Types Of Strollers: How To Pick A Stroller In 2024

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What could be more challenging than choosing your first baby stroller, and how to pick a stroller anyway? Indeed, this market becomes more and more competitive. With so many brands out there, every stroller provides more unique features, offers lightweight, travel, and sports solutions…it is quite overwhelming to choose the right option among all these different types of strollers.

The most important rule here is to know what you need, and this is what we aim to solve today.

Simply remember that your baby stroller is going to be one of your most frequently used pieces of baby gear, so deciding what stroller to buy is essential.

We decided to introduce a comprehensive straightforward baby stroller buying guide on how to pick a stroller for your family. The rest is your choice!

How to pick a stroller and what to consider?

Nowadays, you can find a huge number of different types of strollers. It all comes down to an understanding of what you need a child buggy for. Let’s answer the following questions and choose one of the baby stroller types below.

How old is your baby?

Are you searching for a stroller for a newborn baby or a toddler? Would you like to use one stroller as your child or even entirely family grows?

How many kids do you have?

Do you need a stroller for one child, twins, two kids with a close age gap, or even three children?

Are you planning on a second child soon?

If you do, you would like to consider single-to-double convertible strollers or tandem stroller options.

Do you own a car?

Consider the time your baby needs to stay in the car seat. If you drive a car, it is highly recommendable to consider stroller travel systems or even frame strollers. Nowadays, the majority of strollers come with a car seat compatibility, so you should always check what infant car seats are compatible with what types of baby strollers.

How often are you planning on using the stroller?

Do you walk with your baby every day? Do you do errands by walking, such as shopping, visiting your GP, meeting your friends?

How long do you want your stroller to last?

Would you like to use an infant car seat for the first six months and then get a professional jogging stroller, umbrella stroller, or a travel buggy?

Would you prefer to have the entire stroller travel system and use it from birth up to five-six years of age?

Or would you like to use it even for more years planning to have more children? For example, if you have three to four children, you can consider a tandem (inline) stroller with a standing platform or a sit-and-stand stroller.

Do you live in an urban area or suburbs?

Are you more of a town person, or do you live outskirts? Do you have a lot of cobblestone areas, such as in the majority of European cities? Then you should consider all-terrain strollers.

What is your lifestyle?

How active is your lifestyle? Do you like hiking, jogging, running, exercising during your walks? You may consider strollers for jogging.

Where will you store the child buggy? Will you keep the stroller in the trunk of your car?

When reviewing your options, always check how foldable the stroller is, how easy it can be folded, and how compact it is.

Do you travel a lot? Are you planning to take your stroller on the flight?

If you wish to be able to bring your stroller on board, you should look for strollers that can fit an overhead compartment. In this case, check our travel baby stroller guide and the best stroller travel systems.

Do you prefer a three or four-wheel stroller?

In most cases, you will get a stroller with four wheels, including some of the all-terrain strollers. Three wheels usually refer to jogging strollers.

Additional important questions on how to choose a baby stroller

  • What is your budget? See information on the cost of a stroller below.
  • What is/ are the most important thing(s) to you in a stroller? 

What are the different types of strollers?

Now when we know how to choose a stroller, let’s review the different types of strollers that we can get.

Travel strollers

A travel buggy, also known as a travel stroller, is usually recognized for its lightweight and foldable design. Nowadays, when we strive for minimalism, foldable strollers rank top on the market. This allows parents to get more space in doorways and makes our life much easier going with a baby wherever we want, such as public transport, narrow sidewalks, cafes, and restaurants.

Travel buggies are not only good for walking around the city or taking a road trip, but they are also brilliant for traveling abroad with babies, toddlers, and kids.


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Stroller travel systems

The travel system is a multi-set that contains a stroller, an infant car seat, and sometimes a bassinet. The biggest advantage of the travel system is that there is a huge range of them. Since the infant car seat is included, you can rest assured that everything will work together in a combination.

Besides, all the adapters and additional accessories are included in the set since travel system strollers are usually feature-packed. On top of that, nowadays we have got amazing solutions on the market with one-hand fold, hidden cup holders, front trays, and fully reclining seats for newborns.

Travel system often offers you a package deal, so you don’t need to bother buying baby equipment separately.

Travel system = stroller + infant car seat


Jogging strollers

The jogging stroller is specifically designed for parents who enjoy strolling, walking, and jogging. There are various levels starting from light or occasional joggers and reaching up to professionally advanced type.

The good news is you can have it all: a car seat jogger stroller combo, jogger stroller travel system, and a lightweight solution.

The main difference between a jogger stroller and a regular stroller is the wheels. Most jogging strollers are designed with one large wheel in front and two in the back. The wheels of jogging strollers for toddlers are usually rubber and filled with air to ensure a smooth ride and avoid bumpiness. On top of that, the suspension system is essential because it helps to stroll over tough terrains.


All-terrain strollers

All-terrain strollers are strollers with big wheels. Generally speaking, these are four-wheeled or three-wheeled strollers with one large wheel in front and two in the back. The wheels of the best all-terrain strollers are usually rubber and filled with air to ensure a smooth ride and avoid bumpiness. So, it can be easily called an “off-road stroller” because the best all-terrain strollers are specifically designed to be the best:

  • Walking stroller
  • Stroller for the beach
  • Stroller for hiking
  • Trail stroller

On top of that, the suspension system is essential because it helps to stroll over tough terrains.


Reversible strollers

The best reversible stroller, also known as a modular stroller, is a stroller that allows your baby to face you or face out to enjoy the world around you. It is called a modular stroller because it has a removable seat that you can flip around.

Parent-facing strollers serve an important role in a child’s development. Continuous eye contact and knowing you are there for your baby is indeed priceless. It only gives more security to your child. But also, don’t forget that it is much easier to control the situation with the front-facing stroller because you will know instantly if your baby is about to fall asleep and you have to find a quieter place or manage the time; if the sun bothers your baby and you should cover him with an additional visor; if he is chewing or doing something he shouldn’t – options are endless.


Single-to-double convertible strollers

Generally speaking, convertible strollers are reversible as their seats are naturally removable. If you are planning on another baby, such compact strollers are what you need. Lastly, single-to-double convertible strollers may transform into a tandem stroller, also known as an in-line stroller.


Tandem double strollers (In-line strollers)

Tandem double strollers usually provide two toddler seats for two children with a little or no gap in their age. Sometimes tandem strollers have a capacity for up to three children by adding a standing platform or glider board. Tandem double strollers are also known as in-line strollers for their unique design. Featuring front-to-back style, tandem double strollers are proud to be more narrow and less bulky.

Nowadays, stroller manufacturers went above and beyond creating multiple unique features and designs for tandem double strollers which makes it a perfect stroller for the whole family. There are lightweight double strollers’ solutions, including a variety of riding combinations attaching an infant insert, bassinet, or up to two infant car seats at the same time. In some cases, we are talking about single-to-double convertible strollers.


Side-by-side double strollers

As the name suggests a side-by-side stroller is a traditional-type double stroller that has a design of two seats being lined up right next to each other. The biggest difference between side-by-side strollers and in-line strollers is their width. The latter is more narrow and easier to maneuver through shop aisles and doorways.

You should check the width before you commit to a purchase. Nowadays, most side-by-side fit the doorways and are very lightweight double strollers.

The advantage of such strollers is that your two children can interact with one another throughout the whole way. It is also suggested that they are the best strollers for twins or kids with a very little age gap due to their unique side-by-side design.

Also, side-by-side buggies for twins often can serve as jogging or all-terrain strollers. This makes them perfect for the park, hiking, or areas where you may need that extra suspension.


Sit-and-stand strollers

The best sit-n-stand strollers are the ones that have a toddler seat with a rear bench and a standing platform for the older child in the back. Lots of well-known stroller brands took it further featuring an additional second seat for the second child, up to two infant car seats that can be attached to a stroller at the same time, and more interesting solutions making it an in-line or tandem stroller.


Frame strollers

A stroller frame is a stroller with a metal frame that is designed specifically for infant car seats. It is very lightweight with an average weight of 12 lbs (5.44 kg) and easy to fold. Stroller frames for car seats are usually used when you need to move your sleeping baby around without waking him up, or if you use a car often and don’t want to carry a heavy infant car seat. Simply click it into a car seat stroller frame and you are good to go.


Umbrella strollers

Umbrella stroller is a lighter and simpler version of a traditional stroller. The best lightweight umbrella strollers weigh around 12 lbs (5.44 kg). In general, an umbrella stroller is a lightweight stroller that reclines and folds easily in a shape of a golf umbrella. It is mainly intended for babies starting from six months of age. But there are quite a few brilliant options that can be used from three months of age, and even from birth using an infant car seat, such as Graco Breaze, UPPAbaby G-Luxe, or Inglesina Net.

Nowadays, the more advanced umbrella strollers offer extra amenities, such as additional zip pockets for valuables, cup holders, oversized canopy with visor, or large storage baskets. These strollers are mainly used for quick and easy rides or traveling when parents do not want to deal with bulky equipment.


Wagons for kids

A stroller wagon is designed for older kids, starting from 18 months old up to 5 years of age. It is a piece of incredibly useful equipment that is essential for toddlers and kids that have already outgrown their strollers but still need a mode of transport in public. So, a buggy wagon is a compromise between a stroller and a traditional wagon.

It has a lot of unique features and uses compared to a traditional stroller. Just to name a few, it is roomier, safer, and better in terms of handling rough terrain. Best wagons for toddlers can accommodate two children. You can have a wagon for 3 kids, and even for 4, which is quite practical. If you get a wagon stroller for three or four kids, you should consider the dimensions of such as it will be a bit wider than usual.


How to buy a stroller: helpful features to consider

Here is the list of the most importantly helpful and unique features that you would likely have in your stroller. Different types of strollers have different features to look at. It is hard to find a stroller providing all at once but the more the merrier.

Extremely important features to review right from the start:

  • Stroller weight
  • Baby’s age and weight limit
  • Stroller dimensions, especially for a side-by-side double stroller and jogging stroller
  • Infant car seat compatibility
  • Additional features you will have to buy, such as an adapter, bassinet, second toddler seat, child’s tray, etc. This point is rather important to stay within your planned budget!

Helpful features to look at in a stroller:

  • A five-point harness system
  • Brake system (including a hand brake if any)
  • Type of wheels (quantity, material, suspension, front swivel wheel, etc.)
  • Ability to fold (how easy you can fold the stroller and how compact it is in size)
  • Canopy (including peek-a-boo, visor, extendable canopy, water-resistant material, etc.)
  • Toddler’s multi-position recline seat
  • Storage capacity (including, its access and additional pockets and pouches)
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Reversible seat
  • Stroller frame
  • Certification
  • Warranty

Extra features that would be nice to have free of charge:

  • Cup holders
  • Child’s tray
  • Side pouch on a side of a toddler seat
  • Parent organizer
  • Leg rest
  • Safety wrist strap (tether)
  • Machine washable and removable fabric
  • Reflective stripes
  • A rain cover
  • A travel bag

How to make sure your stroller is safe?

It is important for every parent to be reassured that the stroller is safe, durable, and safe again. Here are some points to pay attention to when we talk about safety.

  • Seat’s harness system (it can be five- or three-point harness)
  • Attachments or adapters for infant car seats, bassinets, second toddler seats, board gliders, or standing platforms
  • Reflective stripes
  • Safety wrist strap (tether)

You should also consider:

  • To face the infant bassinet towards you to keep an eye on your newborn baby.
  • Keep your baby away when folding the stroller. This is why it is so important to get a stroller with a one-hand one-step folding feature, so you are able to hold and control your baby using the second hand.
  • Never use the cup holder for hot beverages.
  • Always double check if the stroller was fully unfolded before seating/ placing your baby
  • Always double-check the brakes are fully locked by shaking the stroller a bit
  • Use the stroller for its intended purpose. For example, do not run or jog with a traditional stroller that was not designed for jogging. You should use a jogging stroller instead.
  • Do not hang anything from the handlebar. The bottom storage basket is a better option.
  • Take care of the stroller and its technical condition.

How much does a baby stroller cost?

As there are so many different types of strollers, there is no straight answer to this question. The cheapest you can get is a frame stroller with an average price of $50 – $100 USD.

If we talk about single-type strollers, you can consider anything starting from $100 USD, while the price for double strollers starts from $150 – $200.

If you think to purchase a high-quality, durable stroller that will last you years, the average cost starts from $300 for a single and $500 for a double stroller.

Have you picked your stroller yet?

Share with us which one it is and enjoy the time out with your baby!

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