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Bathing is an extremely exciting and important activity for newborn babies and their parents.

As many ways as there exist to bathe your own baby, it is always important to know what bathtub essentials you and your baby will need before, during, and after bath time. This is why we prepared a special baby bath supplies list.

Why is it important though?

It is absolutely crucial to maintain the newborn baby’s body temperature during the entire process to avoid any sneezing and non-essential sick days. Also, make sure the room temperature is nice and warm (not less than 27°C), so your baby doesn’t get chilled.

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Not only that but as a first-time parent, it is absolutely normal to be a bit confused about how to bathe your own child holding her with one hand and do the rest of the manipulation with another. So, a few preparations by placing all baby bath essentials and accessories at an easy reach will help a lot! The last thing you want to do is to take your baby out of the bath and run to get a washcloth or rinser.

Finally, having all the bathroom necessities and baby bath products for a newborn sorted beforehand will only make you more confident and relaxed. The less you are stressed, the less your baby is stressed. This is one of the most important things to keep in mind because, sadly, not all babies are happy to be placed in warm water after birth. In fact, the majority of newborn babies hate the bath, but there are lots of ways how to soothe them.

Bathtub Essentials: What do I need for Bathing a Newborn?

  • Make sure the room temperature is nice and warm (not less than 27°C), so your baby doesn’t get chilled.
  • Place a soap (also, shampoo if you use), sponge or washcloth, and a rinser bath cup (if you use) next to the tub.

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  • Prepare a towel to receive a baby. I always use one baby towel and then cover my son with a big towel to stay warm after the bath.
  • Set up your baby’s changing table before the bath preparing a set of changing clothes, diapers, nappy cream. I also use special baby ear sticks once a month (though you will need them more when your baby reaches 6 months and up).

For more bathing items, click on the image and check our store designed especially for you and your baby!

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  • Fill the tub with the warm right temperature (see information on temperature here). Use the best baby bath thermometer to make sure the temperature is right. Add 5-10 cm of water, this is more than enough to give a bath to a newborn;
  • Add chamomile to your baby’s bath. For centuries chamomile has been used for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties. It is such a multi-purpose herb that is often used for anything from colic to soothing irritated skin, teething, or eye conjunctivitis. A chamomile bath may help in relieving diaper rash, encourage peaceful sleep, and soften the skin in general.

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Baby Bath Supplies List for First-Time Parents and Bathroom Necessities Checklist

Baby Bathtub

This is one of the most important bath items for babies, although you can always find ways to avoid it too.

There are so many baby bathtub types, you name it! And sometimes it may be confusing: traditional baby bathtubs, baby bath supports, and seats, convertible bathtubs, bucket-style baths, inflatable baths, baby bath in shower, etc.

On top of that, living in the 21st century, you have got an amazing variety of baby bathtubs, each one of them adding an incredibly important value, such as

  • Special drains
  • Heat sensitive plugs
  • Non-slip base
  • Foldable baths
  • Safe hooks
  • Three to four stages of transition from newborn baby to toddler
  • Mesh slings and baby stoppers
  • Incredibly beautiful and smart designs
  • Add-ons such as squeeze bottles and rinsers
  • Bath stands and step stools
  • Motorized water jets
  • Special shower units
  • Digital water scales
  • Baby bath with a thermometer

Choose the one you like. You have it all in this tutorial below!

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Baby Bathtub for a Sink

Another important thing in the baby bath essentials list is a tiny baby bathtub for a single or double sink. There is also a great alternative for traditional baby bathtubs for babies up to six months of age such as blooming baby baths. It is made from polyester plush which is very soft and cuddly and fits in most sink sizes.

The most amazing part of having a baby bathtub for your sink is that your back doesn’t hurt during bath time. And that says it all.

You can find the full report here.

Pro Tip: We used our bathroom sink in the first couple of months. And then we stuck with a baby bathtub because it has all the features that help you to learn how to hold the baby with one hand and do the rest with another. Slings and supports are extremely helpful when you are alone in need of both hands.

I must tell, the first time was scary for me! My hands were shaking, and my heart was pounding when balancing a fragile piece of happiness on my only arm. At least I knew that in the worst-case scenario he won’t go far being locked in one tiny bathtub. Plus, it was extremely easy to organize all baby bathing items.

Bathtub Supports and Baby Bath Seats

Another great baby bath things that you, as a parent, may prefer when talking about how to bathe your baby are baby bath supports and baby bath seats.

There are two absolutely fantastic bath supports that I would like to share with you.

Angelcare Bath Support

This is a great baby bath support. It is made from a very soft mesh material that allows water to drain easily, and it feels super comfy totally satisfying your baby bath needs.

You can place it directly into a bathtub or a single basin sinks larger than 23 x 14 inches. Plus, I like the fact that the designer thought of a special loop at the top, so you can hang the support up for convenient storage and easy dry. It has great value for money too.

Munchkin Clean Cradle Tub

Munchkin Clean Cradle Tub is very similar to Angelcare but adds a great feature which makes this tub a bit more expensive. It has a drain at the end of the tub which allows all the dirty water to come out directly out of a tub.

While you need to place most of the bath supports in a sink or a bathtub, Munchkin tub doesn’t require it at all. You can put it on a table and drain the water after, or you can place it next to a sink for easier water removal during bathing your baby.

It also separates into two parts for an easy clean and so it is quite convenient to store too.

Note: If you use your bath to bathe a baby, I suggest getting the best baby bath mat for your and your baby’s safety.

Kneeler Pad

Among all baby bathing essentials, a kneeler pad is a must-to-have. It will really help you to keep your knees and back alive. There is, of course, a huge selection of kneeler pads for every taste and color, however, there are a few specific ones I’d like to share with you.

Puj Pad Bath Kneeler

This kneeler pad is absolutely great for your knees, it is made out of two-layer plush cushioning. It doesn’t slip and had a hanger for easy dry and storage. The product value is really good and I love the fact that they offer the kneeler pad separately from the bathtub armrest.

Skip Hop Moby Baby Bath Kneeler Pad

I just absolutely love this brand, it has very smart, unique, and absolutely beautiful designs offering baby bath essentials set. If you get a Skip Hop Baby Bath Tub, this kneeler pad is a must-to-buy. It is a very similar product to Puj with an extra pricing value.

Bath Kneeler Pad + Bathtub Arm Rest + Bath Toy Organiser

What can be better?! This product with the amazing design has it all in one bundle with a lifetime warranty! That is probably one of the most important baby bath necessities for a parent rather than a child. You will get:

  • Washable baby bath kneeling pad with a reinforced structure.
  • Washable elbow rest with eight suction cups, and single long Velcro.
  • Four mesh pockets on the bathtub armrest.
  • Washable mesh bath toy organizer that is great for storing toys, toiletries, shampoo, underwear, or other baby care items in the bathroom.
  • Lifetime warranty!
  • Absolutely great price value!

Step Stool

Some parents prefer step stools, especially if you think in a long run. Step stools are one of the most important kids’ essentials and baby bath must-haves. They are incredibly useful because it will serve you and your baby for many years ahead.

A step stool can serve you as a lift chair to make it more comfortable to play and wash your baby during bath time. Not only it can be used for potty training, washing your baby’s hands, brushing her teeth, but it also is amazingly practical in any of your rooms, such as playing in a living room, learning how to jump from and on it, cooking in the kitchen, even you as an adult can always use this step stool to lift yourself up for an easy reach.

There is an enormously huge variety of step stools on the market. And it really depends on what style you prefer the most.

Summer Right Height Bath Tub already includes the step stool which is really cool as you get two products for one price.

As for my taste, I prefer dual height design, and this particular step stool proved to be extremely practical, sturdy, and of high quality. I like the neutral color too as it goes well with anything anywhere my baby puts it.

Organic Washcloths

Another important thing for newborn bath essentials. Washcloths are widely used for bathing a baby, covering her during the bath time to avoid undercooling, and cleaning the sensitive little body during the day. In general, washcloths are extremely soft made out of 100% cotton or bamboo. I always recommend choosing the organic option.

There are so many washcloths to pick starting from the number in a set, quality, material, color, and design. Have fun!

Baby Care Products

All baby care products deserve special attention and care. They are incredibly important baby bath supplies. This is why we wrote a separate article about baby organic shampoos, natural washes, and lotions.

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Rinser Bath Cup

Bath and shampoo rinsers are quite practical baby bath time essentials too. They are not only fun and cool to play with, but their main role is to let your baby trust you as much as to lift her head and let you rinse all the soap with no “eye itching” situation.

Bath and shampoo rinsers come in a variety of shapes and forms. Mainly they are a fun cute animal, but also extra features may be included, such as a sprinkler, or trunk spout shower head.

Of course, you may shower with your baby from the beginning and get a similar effect, but for the ones who use baby bathtubs or bathe the baby in a sink, this comes into great practice. Your baby will love to play with it for a long time too.

Some baby bathtubs already come with a rinser, a free squeeze bottle, and a toy, so you don’t need to think of any extra items to purchase and enjoy the freebies. Fisher Price 4-in-1 Sling ‘n Seat Tub is one of them. Not only it has 4 modes all-inclusive baby bathtub, but they were also so thoughtful to think of these cute free additions, such as a whale scoop and a squeeze bottle.

Alternatively, there is an amazing toy that is a must-to-have. I can’t stress out more how simple, unique, multiple in use and so cheap it is – all at the same time!

Rainbow Stacking & Nesting Cups

We have received this set as a gift. Never could think it would be such a useful item in the house and while traveling. Our son uses them to build a tower, to place one piece into another, learn animals that are shown on the top of each cup, play with cups taking a bath, and on the beach. Stacking cups are also great kids bath essentials with a very smart and simple design. It can be used as a rinser, or serve as rinsing your toddler’s mouth after brushing the teeth. Uses of this simple and such practical toys literally never end!

Organic Towels

Similarly, with the washcloths, there is a huge variety of organic towels to choose from. As bathtub essentials, I recommend getting an organic and hooded towel for your precious baby.

Apart from designs, it is worth paying attention to the material, quality, and the number of towels in one set. It is always nice to have at least two to three towels at home.

Infant and baby grooming kit

The baby bath supplies list cannot survive without the infant and baby grooming kit. It is important to have as soon as your child is born. It has all the necessities for your baby’s first year of life, including a thermometer, nasal aspirator, care brushes and combs, bottle medicine dispenser, nail clippers, toothbrush, and more.

Safety 1st Deluxe 25-Piece Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit

One of these kits we recommend is “Safety 1st ” Baby Healthcare and Grooming Kit. It contains 25-pieces of essential items, including alcohol wipes, a 3-in-1 thermometer with a protective case, gentle care combs, a toddler toothbrush with a chunky, easy-to-hold handle, and a nasal aspirator with a small flexible tip for baby’s comfort, a bottle medicine dispenser, and emergency information card.

What I like the most is the extra deluxe wrapping clutch that can fit all these items and so easy to carry on anywhere you go.

Summer Complete Nursery Care Kit

The Complete Nursery Care Kit includes 21 grooming and health care items essential for any nursery. There is also a durable storage case that included keeping each item conveniently close at hand at home or on-the-go.

What I like about this kit is that unlike the previous one, it provides two digital and forehead thermometers each being well-protected in a case, pacifier, and medicine syringe to administer the proper dosage to your baby. Also, the teether is included!

Baby Brushes and Combs

Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set for Newborn

If you are looking for the right baby brush for your baby, look no further than this set. It is made out of natural wood and is absolutely fabulous for your child.

What can be better than a hand-made product?! These hairbrush and comb set is made specifically for newborns. Toddlers, and kids from soft goat bristles, bamboo, beechwood, and pear wood.

It prevents cradle cap and protects your baby’s soft spot with daily scalp massages. Also, brushing your baby daily can help with blood circulation and relax your baby for a good night’s sleep.

Bath Spout Cover

I never knew about spouts until my baby started to bump his head over the faucet in a bathtub. This is an amazing and quite affordable product that can protect your baby in a long run, especially when he is capable of jumping and splashing like a madman in your bathtub. You can choose any design, style, and color here.

We prefer Skip Hop Moby Bath Spout Cover, as we loved their bathtub and the kneeler pad.

Nappy Cream

Not too much can be said about this absolutely must-to-have product. Nappy cream is something babies can’t live without due to some irritations, rashes, or allergies that may be caused during their first years of life.

We always kept 2-3 tubes: in the house, inside our diaper bag, and also at the nursery. Throughout three years, our favorites were

  • Bepanthen which is good for daily use, it absorbs very well.
  • Weleda with calendula does magic and has a very soothing effect.
  • Metanium Nappy rash ointment saved us from the severe rash that lasted four months. This ointment is very thick and helps to cure and protect your baby’s bump really well.  
  • Era Organics has amazing care products for your baby, including diaper balm that is very pleasant in use and absorbs very quickly. It also contains chamomile which is a great ingredient for your baby.

Baby Ear Sticks

Another product that is essential to have at your home is baby ear sticks. Not that you will use it often, we have used it once a month in the first six months. During your baby’s second year it helps a lot not only to clean the ears but to dry them after taking a bath, especially during the winter season. This way you can also prevent baby ear infections.

Bath Toys

There are tons of bath toys on the market but I decided to recommend two setas that we use.

This is simply a great set of toys that are necessary for your baby. The giraffe showerhead is our favourite, babies love playing with cascades. This showerhead is very gentle and it is already attached to the bathtub, so both your hands are free.

Other toys slide, sprinkle, splash, and more.

This crocodile is an amazing addition. It has various modes and attachments that allow sprinkle the water in different ways. Plus, it has a ball, it turns, and it lights up.

Enjoy precious moments of taking a bath with your little one!

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