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Flamenco Show in Barcelona | Which One to Choose | updated 2024

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One hour flamenco show of passionate dancers, singers, and musicians. Their tunes and motives, indeed, will make you emotional. There is a whole team playing gypsy guitars, dancers perform flamenco with castanets and wear incredibly gorgeous dresses.

It is a great opportunity for your family and kids to dive in the Flamenco atmosphere and enjoy your journey in full.

What is Flamenco Show?

Flamenco show is probably the first thing that springs to mind when one thinks of Spanish culture.

Flamenco is an art form based on the various folkloric music traditions, including four essential elements: rhythmic dance, passionate songs with deep lyrics, incredibly impressive guitar play, and so-called, Jaleo. Jaleo is an ultimate element that involves clapping, stomping, and encouragement shouting to the audience. It is also translated as “hell raising”, indeed, it is getting very hot in the room when singers perform Jaleo.

There are lots of arguments about the exact origin of Flamenco, but it is mostly believed that Flamenco was developed through the cross-cultural interchange between moriscos and gitanos (Romani people of Spain) during the 16th century primarily in Andalusia.

Presenting a variety of Spanish musical styles, Flamenco show has become extremely popular all over the world, especially in the United States and Japan. There are more Flamenco schools in Japan than in Spain.

Why should you visit Flamenco in Spain?

Diverse emotions, incredible spectrum of feelings, and contradictions that may arise during the performance is an incomparable experience you get when visiting Flamenco Night Show.

Flamenco is famous for its diverse Spanish musical styles that have derived from numerous cultures. It is also one of the most important forms of art that represents Spanish culture. So, when you visit Flamenco show, you will get to know it on another level, not to mention that it is a lot of fun. Some of the Flamenco shows offer short free master classes of flamenco with teachers which is priceless.

What is Tablao?

A tablao is a place where flamenco shows are performed, such as on stage. It is also the platform on which a flamenco dancer dances.

Tablao Flamenco Barcelona venues were developed during the 1960s throughout Spain replacing the café singers.

Where can I see Flamenco in Barcelona?

Nowadays, there are various venues and theatres that perform Flamenco on a daily or weekly basis. We did not have a problem booking a ticket to the show on our arrival for the next day. However, we were traveling in a low-season in mid-October.

If you do not want to miss the show, book your entrance ticket in advance. Below we share with you the list of one of the best Flamenco shows in Barcelona.

The seven top places to watch Flamenco in Barcelona

Below we share the list of one of the best Flamenco shows in Barcelona. What you should pay attention to is the following:

  1. Locations that is right for you.
  2. Performance schedule that fits nicely with your Barcelona’s itinerary.
  3. Menu. Most of the Flamenco shows will impress you with delicious meals, tapas, deserts and Sangria.
  4. Available sitting. Make sure you are in the front area.
  5. Features, such as free master classes.
  6. Price. However, all of the shows are priced reasonably.

1. Palacio del Flamenco

We picked Palacio del Flamenco, due to its location and truly fascinating show. It lasts one hour and offers an amazingly delicious dinner with starters, seafood paella and desert, of course, complemented by Sangria.

Tip: Come at least 15 minutes earlier, and you will be able to participate in a free open flamenco class.

Important: When you purchase the ticket you always get a number of the zone area (not the number of your seat), so the earlier you come the better seat you will have.

2. Tablao Cordobes in Las Rambla

Tablao Cordobes is the second popular Flamenco Night Show suitable for all ages starting from 3 years of age. It is conveniently located in Las Ramblas, where the majority of tourists prefer to stay.

Check the list of suitable accommodation for you in Barcelona starting from budget options.

Tablao Cordobes lasts for one hour, offers a free master class of Flamenco before the show, and an incredibly delicious food menu.

Again, come 10-15 minutes earlier to learn a few Flamenco steps.

The variety of meals are offered starting from the gazpachos of the south to the delicious snacks of the Basque Country. Of course, you will be served traditional paella from Valencia amongst more than 40 different delicacies to try.

3. Tablao Flamenco de Carmen

This is a great location for you in case you decide to make your night filled with entertainment. Tablao Flamenco de Carmen is located in Poble Espanyol which is an open-air architectural museum in Barcelona that will let you dive in authentic Spanish cuisines, architecture and crafts from all over Spain.

The show starts from 6 pm to 8:30 pm. You could start at the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC) And the Palau Nacional if you are a fan of art, then stop at the hill for some cup of coffee overlooking Barcelona. Walk 7 minutes to Poble Espanyol and enjoy your time there until the show starts. Have a nice dinner watching Flamenco Show and stop at the Magic Fountain of Montjuïc for another hour of the most spectacular fully lighted water acrobatics show with different types of modern music.

The best part is that the entrance fee to Poble Espanyol is included, so you get “2 for 1” deal.

4. Tarantos Flamenco

Tarantos Flamenco show is located not too far from Las Ramblas and will surely let you escape those unstoppable bustling crowds. Here you can see the place that boosted the careers of many international and local flamenco artists – many of whom still take to the stage!

If you are not up to any dinner options and just wish to immerse into the deep culture of Flamenco, this show is for you.

It is well-reasonable priced with free cancellation up to 24 hours and no dinner on the table.

5.Theatre Flamenco

Unlike Tarantos Flamenco, the Theatre Flamenco is located right in the heart of Las Ramblas. It does not offer dinner and has a 24-hour cancellation policy too. So, if you are in Las Ramblas, this show is highly recommended.

You can book tickets in Zone B or Zone C depending on your price preference. However, the nearer you are to Tablao, the better experience you get.

6.City Hall Theatre

Let the improvised flamenco “jam sessions” get under your skin and sense the visceral emotion taking place on stage. Get back to the roots of authentic flamenco with performances such as the fast-rhythm “Bulerías,” guitar “solos,” beat percussion, singing in its purest form, face-to-face duels“ and “Soleás.”

The City Hall Theatre is located right in the centre of Las Ramblas. It doesn’t offer dinner or any tapas, but one of the coolest features of this deal is that it has the option to skip the line through a separate entrance. Trust me, there are lots of guests. When you purchase the ticket you always get a number of the zone area (not the number of your seat), so the earlier you come the better seat you will have).

7. Barcelona: Flamenco in Palau Dalmases and Tapas in El Born

This is a unique opportunity as it offers a 3.5-hour tour in the Gothic architecture of El Born district. El Born district is located minutes away from the noisy area of Las Ramblas just near Parc de La Ciutadella, so if you are planning to have a beach day visiting water parks, zoo, or aquarium (check our kids edition here), watching Flamenco Show in Palau Dalmases sounds like a perfect end of the day.

You will have a personal guide speaking both Spanish and English. Not only will he introduce you to Catalonia’s recent past and the best conserved archaeological site in the city, your guide will make sure to bring you to three amazing bars to try our delicious Tapas free of charge. What can be better before visiting a one-hour show of Flamenco?!

Combine a walking tour of El Born, delicious tapas and an unforgettable Flamenco Show.

We wish you to have the best experience at the Flamenco Show!


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